Pain in the..........foot

Hello all,

Well after numerous injuries over the years and a unbelievably long recovery period i managed to get back to full trainnig, c'mon!!! 18 weeks under my belt, everything going well, started looking at a few races that i might be interested in and................i'm injured again,lol. Starting to get on my nerves now, its well beyond a joke.

Anyhoo to the problem. I'm not 100% certain when/how i done it, i just know that on my morning run there ws pain in my foot that wasn't there during the previous evenings track session. It may well of happened during that track session but with the adrenaline flowing i can honestly say i didnt feel a thing during warm up, the session or warm down. I do remember having a bit of a unsteady moment when passing over the drain/gutter at the side of the track, apart from that nothing.

The pain run right across where your laces run and first thought were down to maybe me fastening laces to tight, even though i'm careful not to do this.....almost to obsession,lol. Theres no swelling or bruising but there is a slight redness when aggrevated. The pain will die down after a few days of no running but immediatly returns, i even gave it 2 weeks rest with iceing twice a day only to try a run at the end of it and get half a mile down the road before it returned.

Has anybody got any ideas........i'm hoping somebody has had a similar problem and has figured it out  and got it sorted. The way i see it it can only be.......muscular, tendon/ligament or bone, right?? It certainly doesn't feel muscular, infact i'm not even sure if there is muscle in that area? Any ways of checking through proding/poking to diagnose the problem? I know i should probably go see the doc but ive little faith there, my doc is one of those ones thats says "whatever your doing that hurts, dont do it"  as if i hadn't already figured that part out for myself,lol.



  • I have exactly the same problem i think after my run last night, i didnt feel anything at the time as i was pretty much scared shitless at the time after being chased by cows chavs, getting lost and running in a pitch black wood, so i was running on adrenaline anyway.

    I dont know if its just strained or anything, i really couldnt say. My dad was a runner and i asked him about it this morning as it hurt to walk. He said he had had a similar problem and thatithurt where the laces were as it does for me, but he too didnt know how he did it or what the problem was, it just went away on its own.

    I might not go for a run tonight, to seeif it feels any better tomorow but my first thought was that i may have fractured something because it hurt that much, but like you no swelling or brusing and its not even that redor anything like that, just bloody hurts to walk and hurts even more to poke... which ive stopped doing now!

  • Haha, thats quite Dad is also a runner and has had the exact same problem and his seemed to go away with time. I often blame him for my injuries, some of them are so similar that ive decided it must be hereditry(sp).

     I'm really hoping its not a stress fracture as from what ive read thats likly to be a recurring problem.

    What i have done/doing now is ive decided to treat it as if it was a fracture and give it the full 6 weeks of no running(nightmare). I'm on the bike and cross trainer 6 days a week and just trying desperatly to hold onto fitness as i can't be doing with starting all over again and want to go through a full winter training shedule before coming out ready to race next year.....fingers crossed.

    Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, ive a few other niggles that could do with a rest,lol.

  • I've seen a few sites that list a few different causes for pain on the top of the foot and Metatarsal Stress Fracture was mentioned quite a lot, but it could be a number of different things other than that.

    I just refuse to believe it is a fracture as i have a HM in 6weeks and i want to keep running and get ready for it. I guess if it doesnt improve then i will have to lay off it a bit, but a compression bandage will do for now image

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