events in Gainsborough

Can anyone tell me please if there are any of the above mentioned races - held in Gainsborough? or even if there are any running clubs in this area? I've tried to find out but keep drawing a blank - ie can't find anything. Cheers for any links
Steffie Richards


  • Stephanie

    There is a club:gainsbrough & Morton Striders,100 Standsfield Lane,Gainsbrough-Phone:14276110466 I don;t know the Local Number in this area

    There is NO Website for the striders ye?

    Contactimage Rainsforth

    GOOD LUCKimage

    There is %10 off at Lincolnshire Runner and another Running Place at N Hykeham aswell

  • Pretty sure there are no races within Gainsborough at the moment unfortunately image

    Coming from there I remember there being a marathon in the early 80s for a year or two, a half marathon in the mid 90s and also remember the Morton Striders club arranging a 10k which was two laps of the belt road from the leisure centre.

    Plenty of races to look at nearby - Lincoln, Newark, Worksop, Scunthorpe etc all within half an hour or so.

  • Pretty sure they don't have a website - but some more info here: -

    Good Luck Steffie!

  • Hey All,

    We're revived, revitalised, and ready for members of any ability - check out

    We held a 10k with over 500 entries on March 4th, and we hope to do more - watch this space!

    We have a presence on Twitter ( @GainsboroughRun ) and Facebook too!



  • Lots of races in the area (I run from Lincoln) just not within Gainsborough itself usually. They did have a new 10k last month which should be very popular next year as it seemed to be well organised.

    Depends which way you want to travel, but there are usually good events between Lincoln, Market rase, Retford, Newark, Worksop etc

  • Also, Woodhall Spa 10k & Hull/Humber races aren't a million miles away either
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