one leg longer than other

just back running after 6 week lay off with knee. had long awaited podiatrist appointment today only to be told that left leg is 1cm longer than right. was told that this is almost certainly cause of problems as dodgy knee was left one. Am getting a heel raise insert for right shoe.

Am now really hopeful that future is sorted. Also hoping that i will run better as i'm not always trying to compensate.

Anybody else had similar problems?


  • Yup - I think a discrepancy of this sort of amount is common place. I have a heel raise (switched to sorbathane heel pad) and it's made a world of difference to me.

    The leg took a while to get used to the muscles having to work slightly differently, but after that running was really so much less hassle.
  • when i first started seeing my sports theropist, due to loads of calf probs, I was informed that i had 1 leg and inch and a half shorter than the other

    This was caused through i tilted pelvis wich in turn was caused through noted musclues in my lower back (been like that for years)

    After a few sessions with theropist my legs are rougly the same length

    what i'm trying to say is look beyond the problem to see if there is a simpiler fix

    What ever the outcome - hope it works out
  • That sounds weird Will?

    I actually had the bones measured, I'm not sure how sorting out the tilted pelvis could have changed that. Or do you mean that one side of the hips was an inch and a half higher or something?
  • yeh - the muscles in one side of my back were so tight that they lifted the pelvic bone causing a shortening of my leg
  • cheers guys.

    PTWFR - do you wear the inserts in your normal shoes as well? I've been told not to run for a week at first and just let my body get used to them in my everyday shoes.
    WW - pelvic bone has ben checked and is level. the knee itself has been scanned and there is nothing wrong with it so we knew the probelem was a symptom rather than a cause.
  • Paul - yes, I do.

    It's interesting how it's all connected up, and it's essential IMO to distingusih symptom from cause. I used to get back pain which I think was a symptom, as I don't get it anymore.

    I actually found that the original heel raise I was given (somewhat spongey stuff) didn't work too well for me - my theory is that it had too much give in it and my over pronating feet were less well supported and twisted in. After a bit with that heel raise I got a sore calf. I swapped to the sorbathane which has less give in it and voila - problem solved :-)
  • Totally right about sympton and cause. For example the shoes i have are motion control shoes due to an apparent over-pronation. Because of the leg imbalance this makes my feet overpronate. The podiatrist told me that my feet are neutral and with the insert the over pronation will not be there.

    Sounds like another pair of shoes then!!

    The inserts i'm getting are a high density one, not sure what material but was warned against the softer one.
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