Matt Dawson's Tough Guy race

Watched Matt Dawson's Tough Guy race on ITV4 last night and was torn between thinking these people are all nutters to wanting to get my winter running kit on and do it!!

Did anybody else watch this or did anyone do the event shown last night?

It's a 10 mile asault course, and the one shown last night was in the coldest temperatures since the event began.  A combination of running including 8 x 50m climbs, several river crossings, fire, electric shocks and enormous obstacles.  Like an Ultra Extreme Version of Total Wipeout in the freezing cold of an English winter in Wolverhampton.

Its a series of shows Matt Dawsons fronting (and producing apparently) and these's a Scottish Coast to Coast race tonight.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    yesh - I saw it - chanced upon it flicking for something interesting to watch

    I've done it twice - it's a fruitcake of a race but great fun to have done it - I enjoyed it so much 1st time that I had to go back to see how stupid it really is.

    seeing it again made me think about another go but I'm not sure I want to suffer again....

    anyone with a sense of adventure should do it just to say they survived TG

    the finisher's medal is almost worth it - a solid horse brass - about the only thing that Mousa (the organiser) splashes money on!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    ye, the camera got v. close to the competitors - too close at times imo - but in doing so, the viewer could see the cold, the fear & the pain, as well as genuine elation and joy.

    the disclaimer signing was a hoot! If only the 'virgins' knew.....
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    "If only the 'virgins' knew....."

    aye to that

    and the reality of the showers....... image
  • I'm with you FB and swittle, i've done this a few times too and I thought the programme was excellent. And I agree on the finishers medals as well....peachy.

    Anyone who saw it should be under no illusions it's quite a tough event to say the least.

    and the electric shocks, evil.

  • I saw it a few months ago and went really close to entering..............then backed out for some reason...............would still love to give it a goimage
  • I did the winter one a few years back and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. How I'm still here to tell the story, I'll never know. I was a right mess by the end, unable to walk or talk. Done the summer one as well, and that's a piece of cake in comparison.


    My shirt was white at the start.
  • PJAZ, if you do it, believe me, it's best to wear little clothing, like the guy in the picture above, rather than t-shirt, and joggers.  I've tried both (actually, I only wore a loin cloth and trainers the second time) and was actually a lot better off with virtually nothing on.  Reason being, the wet clothing against your body saps all the heat out of you.  You freeze your bllx off waiting around at the start, but IMHO you're less likely to get dragged off for hypothermia before you reach the end.

    You'll also get lots of scraps across your skin by not wearing much, but if the tv show captured the true horror of the cold, you'll appreciate it's a sacrifice worth making.

    ...and people think you're bonkers, when in fact, you're making it easier on yourself.

    Only alternative to this is investing in some proper thermal clothing, but then you're really copping out and might as well be doing the summer event instead.

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