Leeds Xpress Triathlon

I'm doing my first tri in just over 2 weeks. image

Just wondering if any pirates (or other forumites) are doing it? I'm not awareof any Yorkshire based pirates.

or is it a bit short for all you Ironman alumni? image


  • i'm not doing the tri but i am a yorkshire pirate image

    are you a member of leeds bradford tri? they are a good club and very friendly.

  • hi Melli.

    I know of the club but no i'm not a member. this is my first dabbling with triathlon so will have to see how i feel after. it will be next year before i do another and i really need to work on my swimmng. in the future if i do any open water i will have to look at joining to get some swim practice in! Glad to hear they are friendly, triathlon seems rather daunting especially for a slow person like me!

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