Pensive, Peaceful, Prepared

Ok, ok
I can dream
Must do me bra tonight


  • Morning Benzy!

    I can't believe how easily the use of the phrase "my bra" has slipped into everyday use in my conversation :-)

    I did about half the classes at school yesterday and got loads of sponsorship, which is great.

    Morning everyone else!
  • Morning fruity!
    I have got up too late to run, oh well
    Shall sneak off this aternoon
  • Don't overdo it Benz - you've got a marathon to do tomorrow!

    I was just reading through the tail ends of last nigth's thread and the use of flippancy - that is *so* me!
  • well, thats why we all get on isnt it

    I knew EXACTLY what Al was saying

    Its so bad with me now, that people cant tell whether im joking or not
  • Hi guys, best of luck for tomorrow. I have mobile numbers for a couple of people and I'm hoping they will let me out of the kitchen (to roam loose in Playtex City... no, so I can find you to say good luck!) I've to be there from 6.00pm. Still not sure how to get home afterwards and then on to Hogsmill, but it will all be figured out - ooh, tomorrow morning, I guess!

    Went out this morning, feel full of lead but am using the old 'well at least I went' line to try to make myself feel better.
  • More than i did dear
    bath time for benzy
  • Benz!!! you're doing a MARATHON tomorrow!! Looking forward to meeting you :-)
  • Scamps - just emailed you my mobile number.

    Benz - can we trade numbers too?
  • ok iain
    Ill just find it
  • SM
    its not a marathon
    Its a nice stroll, if i think of it as anything else ill start to panic
  • Ok, then...

    Benz, you're doing a lovely walk dressed as a fairy with a pile of your mates tomorrow!!!

    Cheers Fruity, will crank up the email and check!
  • If anyone ever finds my mobile, they're going to wonder what I got up to - it's full of Evil Pixie, Jim the Plum, etc, plus I think I got Snoop Dogg in there Friday as well, plus Josie Jump! Wee Piglet too of course!
  • Cheers for the numbers Benz and EP :-)
  • Good luck everyone. Sorry I've been quiet recently - so-o-o-o busy!
  • Flying visit to wish everyone well - have a great one, whatever 'one' is for you :)

    Good luck to those having a little wander round London.
  • Just want to add my best wishes to you all for tomorrow.

    Have fun!
  • Benz do not go 4 a run today!
  • wise words from al
  • Morning all....

    tapering today!
  • Good luck for tonight, all you decorated ones!

    Anyone need any spreadsheets building? We're in the run down to redundancy and I'm getting bored!
  • What are you tapering for, Barkles?

    I'm tapering too. No, that's a fib. I'm resting because my legs and bum are too sore for anything else. Too much resistance training, and it's not as if there's any point because I'm going to get all floppy and detrained in the next few weeks anyway >:x(

    REALLY looking forward to the Moonwalk. I may have to arrive latish in London and go straight to Playtex City, but I WILL find you all.
  • morning all and good luck to everyone tomorrow!!

    Rest day for me today before doing Greenbelt Relay all weekend...
  • Yippeee

    I'm back!!!!!!!!

    Bet you didn't even notice that I was gone :-(

    I've been installing a new wireless network and being a non tech wizard it's taken me 2 blooming days!!!!

    How is everyone? has BBB's baby arrived yet?

  • Tewkesbury Half on Sunday.. so will pig out on pasta on saturday.

    Not aiming for a time, just a post FLM amble to convince myself my legs still work.
  • Hi JJ

    you sound full of bounce!
  • Yep, back to normal JJ self. I think my major downer was combination of hormones, tail end of virus and lack of excercise. I went to the gym yesterday and SWEATED!!! I feel much better now.

    So WHATS HAPPENED!"!!!!!
  • My presence has obviously killed the thread.

    I'm off to the podiatrist today so wish me luck.

    See you all later.

  • Have podiatric fun, JJ
  • JJ - I'm here!! Just got into work!

    Good luck for the weekend runs Spans and Sparkles!
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