Helvellyn Fell Runner

Myself and my better half were struggling along Striding Edge this Thursday, clinging like limpets to the rock face and more than a little nervous of the terrifying sheer drops on either side.

As we are shuffling along on our backsides preparing to gingerly lower ourselves down from the crag tops to a relatively safer looking pathway, a voice suddenly shouts "excuse me", and from out of nowhere this fell runer leapt over the wifes head, skipped around me, and tore off like a crazed mountain goat bouncing from crag top to crag top.


I was utterly gobsmacked!

This gent was leaping from one rocky outcrop to another, with lethal drops on either side, relying totaly on his knowledge of the "path", the grip on his running shoes and his obvious balls of steel to keep him alive.

We sat there for a few minutes and watched him cover Striding Edge in minutes, before scampering up the scramble to the summit and vanishing into the mist.

5 minutes later and I spotted him careening down Swirral Edge.

By way of contrast, we arrived at Swirral Edge a good hour later, took one look at the descent, and the damp and the mist, and decided to take the long way home over Whiteside rather than risk it down the route we had seen this lad RUN DOWN!

I knew fell runners were a tough breed but  I have never seen anything like that, and if you are reading this: respect to you!


  • i used to run round there before moving up north - brilliant place for fell running! fell running is all in ya head - if you willing to let urself go you'll fly down and fly back up again!!! its only pain!

  • I wasnt willing to even stand upright on the tops for fear of getting blown off and tumbling a thousand foot - never mind start running about and jumping!

    Fly down? 

    Aye - once they'd handed out the wings and the harp!

  • Lol- Wow i am with u Kicked it sounds amazing to have watched...but then again i would not of even been up there shuffling on my butt either total phobia to heights and sheer dropsimage

    Respect to all!!

  • You're only supposed to run Helvellyn in the dark after coming out of a pub. image

    It always seems to be a good idea at the time. image
    (not done that for many years now though)

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