Useless Free Prize - if anyone wants it

Someone at work 'won' one of those 1.5M winning cocacola bottle tops that entitle you to a free weeks trial at a Canons Leisure Club / Fitness Centre thing - plus 50% off your annual membership joining fee.

As the nearest centre is over 2.5 hours drive away - would anyone like this outstanding prize ?


  • If theres noone else, Theres a Canons in Cardiff. But Im a member of david Lloyd, the unfriendliest gym in Wales.
    Maybe its time for a change--
  • If Rickmansworth was in Wales my gym would take that title from David Lloyd.
  • Is it a david lloyd too?
    there are So many "beautiful " people there, but thats ok I got used to that in london Its the gym staff, they dont speak to anyone over 8 stone
    Went for a gym update and mentioned i wanted to do a marathon, and got this pitying look. When I told them Id done 10k I got a bit more attention but they still acted like I was a fat blob unworthy of their attention (Im 12 stone, so not small!)
    But have done marathon and continue to exercise!!!!
    Sorry , you didnt want that rant . Should have bee another thread
    Whats wrong with your gym??
    Hope someone from David LLoyd is reading this----
  • Sorry to dissapoint, but it's not a David Lloyd, council run. If a member of staff smiles at some one, David Lloyd has a spy in the camp & they're whisked off to the bright lights of Watfords' David Lloyd. We are therefore left with what they don't want.

    This is with the exception of the fitness class instructers who are all wonderfull. (one of them posts here)
  • Sorry Fitness instructor
    Do you coach blobs?
  • I'm in central London so there's quite a few Cannons gyms near here. I can think of quite a few of us in the office that could do with time at the gym...although I suspect a week might not be long enough.
  • The first to e-mail me their address gets the bottle top - don't all rush at once
  • Good idea, SS. I wish I had known about your horse when I was sent Europe's glucosamine mountain as a "prize" a few months ago (I think it was second prize in a competition in which the first prize WAS something useful like an activity holiday or some sports gear).
  • D'you know V Rap, that would have been the second worthwhile prize I'd've nearly got my hands on in my life ( at £80 tub it's expensive stuff)...the first was when I purchased 3 scratch cards for a Wimbledon Football Club (yes I know) Lottery, and the under age kid who bought the next card after me won £1000. I still hate him for it!
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