Why's my leg hurt?

I've been doing this running lark now for about 4 months, and have been doing all right so far. I went out for a (plodding) run last Monday, and after that I started to get a weird pain in my leg. It's about halfway down my shin, at the front, just to the side of the shin bone. It doesn't hurt when I'm resting, only when I'm putting weight on it. It also doesn't hurt exactly, but I am conscious of a dull ache when my foot strikes the ground.

Can anyone shed any light on what this might be, or what I should do about it?


  • I used to get this a lot when I didn't warm up before running. Bearing in mind that I work in comms not in physio - so don't sue me.....I was told to stretch before and after by putting my leg out to the front, just about 6in off the floor and flexing my toe up/heel down so you can feel a pull down the front of your leg and side of your shin. This along with usual warm up made it disappear.

    Someone's going to tell me this is complete rubbish now!
  • FJ
    It's one of those problems that could have a dozen reasons. Ice and rest for a couple of days and see if it goes away. Don't over-train. Your legs are still getting used to running and you need to progress slowly so that you strengthen things up not break things down.

    The hat.
    If it worked for you it can't be rubbish can it and it's worth passing on in case it helps someone else.
  • I'd advise a bit of caution here. I started off with something similar after completing my first half marathon. Kept running through it until it became incredibly painful the moment I stopped at the end at was limping instead of walking and then eventually was limping when I tried to run.

    I'm now alternating easier runs with swimming and cycling and feeling very frustrated! It might not be serious but don't ignore it in case it turns into something much worse!

    You could try strenghtneing your calf muscle and shins with calf raises and walking on the heels.
  • Froggy Jo - which side of the shin bone? Inside and it could be as a result of overpronation, outside and it could be due to running off-road.

    Calf stretching is important and you could try friction and ice on the point of pain to break down any scar tissue.

    Good luck!
  • IT's on the inside of my shin bone. I was sitting just now massaging it, and I can definitely feel some tenderness in the muscle when I apply pressure, although it doesn't feel like your normal strain.

    In spite of the fact that it was a plod, it was my longest run to date - maybe I just pushed it too far?

    Runner Bean - you may have a point - I have been holding off buying a decent pair of running shoes becaus I wanted to make sure that a) I was going to stick at running and b) to make sure I had settled into a running style before I bought something expensive. Probably time to give the moths a run...

    Thanks to everyone for your advice so far. I shall try implementing a few ideas. Donna W - I like the idea of doing the vacuuming whilst walking on my heels!!!
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