Can anyone explain to me in words of one syllable the difference between

I’ve discovered that I can 'gulp' and keep both of them down. Is there anything I should actually be looking for or is ‘not chucking up’ the main thing.

I'm also trying to get to grips with eating bars but gels seems to work better for me at the moment.



  • The Smart ones have caffeine in and are harder to wash out of your clothes cos the gel is red. Especially when one explodes in a pocket and then you leave it for a few days.   image
  • the first one is a standard gel - easy to digest, quick to act contains salts/carbs the second has extra stuff to give you a boost including vitamins and caffeine (but will contain the same stuff that the first had too).

    Bars and gels are not the same.  Gels are faster releasethan bars.  Some prefer bars because they contain more kcals and are solid food rather than sticky stuff.  In reality many use both.

    This is the dream of any ad / marketting agency.  There are simpler and natural products available for a fraction of the cost - but they dont' come so neatly package and are not endorsed by so many sportmen/women.

  • On the bike I have wondered what was dribbling on my thigh........ then realised I'm dribbling it as I tend to cycle for a minute or two with the gel hanging out my gob image

  • The smart gels are £0.70p each in Tescos (about half price) i prefer the smart ones just give that little boost and i quite like the medicinal taste
  • >> lurk <<


  • I go for Kendal mint cake every time over gels they make me heave .

  • Ooooh I love Kendal mint cake but I've never though of taking it on the bike with me. Can't imagine that it mixes well with orange energy drink though!
  • It' prevents bonking,  and you can break a lump off stick it in a bag and off you go, got to be Quiggins though, I am partial to the brown variety. Mint falaour is not so heave inducing as the sickly "fruit" flavours they make gels out of.
  • another KMC fan here!  I thought I was on my own in this regard as too sugary for many!  Used it to good effect at IMCH and will now have it for every long event.  image
  • I discovered the smart gels at FLM thanks to Kanga.  I drink a lot of coffee so the caffeine made a massive difference and now I take a couple for longer sessions but stick to the cheaper normal ones most of the time.  Although now I know you can get them for 70p in Tesco's I might change that cos I prefer the taste of the Smart ones (same as W.H said - I think they taste a bit like cough mixture!)

  • Umm, I also love KMC.

    Wish I'd thought to get a batch when in the Lakes recently. Where else can I get it from?

  • I also tried the smart gels at FLM.  I usually (but not exclusively) stick to decaff coffee in the run up to a race so the caffeine really made a massive difference  imageimage

    Prefer the taste of the regular Go ones though.

  • Mitten, I've seen KMC at walking and outdoor shops like Blacks and Millets
  • Mitten, make your own KMC.  You will need several bags of sugar and a bottle of mint essence.

    Simmer the  several bags of sugar on a low heat.  Wave the bottle of mint essence over the sugar, then return to cupboard.  Allow the mixture to set then cut into rectangles.

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