Beginners GNR

I'm doing the GNR for the first time, having done only 1 10k, 12 years ago, and one this Sunday. Top tips please! Help me avoid the obvious mistakes.


  • I am not on the payroll of RW,honestly, but the notes in the current edition of RW say it all!! I've done five or six GNRs, although I have to be honest and tell you I'm not any good, but its a great experience. Just enjoy!
  • Hi Caroline,

    all the best for the GNR, one tip is you will be standing around alot at the start so wear something warm (like a bin bag) you can throw away.

    enjoy the experience and don't worry too much about times.
  • advice - get there early if you need to put stuff on the baggage bus, and if a cooler day wear bin bags or old clothes to discard - you can be stood for 1.5hrs... ok if warm!!

    Inclines around 5-6and 9-10.5. They are long steady climbs, and the latter will catch you out if you're tired at that point, as will the 200m drop at 12.5 = very steep on weary quads..

    Other than that nothing to worry about.. last mile along sea front with finish in sight all the way.. love the race....
  • I did GNR 98: my advice much the same as already given:
    very slow,crowded start, 1 mile at shuffle pace!
    fast finish with downhill to seafront and then the cheering crowds and the end in sight.

    Main problem is getting away from the finish. At london everybody heads home in different directions, at the GNR everyone is going one-way away from South Shields. Expect big queues at metro stations and car parks.
    The most relaxed people are those who have booked an extra night at South Shields who saunter back to their rooms for a shower and watch everyone else fight the crowds.
    Good luck, have fun.
  • Unless things have changed, take your own sports drink, only water is provided, and don't be in a hurry to get away at the end. Get the tee-shirt and the medal and enjoy the experience.
  • This year will be my 3rd GNR.....The best advice anyone can give would be to wear a "bin bag" (yep thats right! a big black plastic thing !) at the start. In 2000 I must have had the biggest nipples this side of the Tyne !!

    One final bit of advice....ENJOY !!!!
    I have made the GNR my "pet race" !

    All the best...Dean
  • The best advice I can give is don't be tempted to start too far forward. There are boards posted with expected finish times on them as guides for where to start, please use them. I have passed so many people who are walking after only 1.5 miles because they have obviously started with runners who are too fast for them. It makes it even more difficult for quicker runners to get a good start & 13 miles is a long way to have to walk if you were hoping to run most of it.
    I would hate for your 1st GNR to be a bad experience, and put you off running. I hope that I haven't worried you, but the first few miles are the most important. Get those right and it should be enjoyable.
    P.S. This will be my 7th GNR, so I must enjoy it.
  • Can anyone recommend what time to get to the start if I don't intend using the baggage bus?
  • I did the GNR in 1991 & 1992, and now doing it this year - it's a great event so my advice is just like the others - enjoy it! I'm certainly hoping too.

    My husband's done the race a few times now and gets to the start at the very least an hour before. The metro is always packed when he gets it at 8am in the morning! Doesn't use baggage buses just old clothes he can leave there or a bin bag.
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