Chest tightness after a run

I completed my first marathon in april. For about a week afterwards my chest felt very tight and I felt as though it was an effort to inhale. I put this down to the extra effort it took to complete the marathon as I had never experienced anything like this before in races or in training. This feeling gradually went away and then only returned after I had been for a run. Most runs are now ok but I do still occasionally get a feeling of tightness in my chest after a run (I don't feel breathless or wheezy during a run). Could this be exercise-induced asthma (although I thought this came on during not after exercise!).

Any suggestions?


  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Err, yes, get along to the quack and get it checked out. EIA is a condition, which can be easily controlled but worth getting an MOT to check for anything else. Keep us posted
  • I have just been to the physio after my first marathon at the end of May because I was having problems getting going again.  He did an MOT on me and said all my muscles from my neck down to my feet were tight including my ribcage.  It wasn't moving at all when I breathed.  First port of call for you has to be docs,  but if you have no success there, try a physio.  Good luck!
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