Deafness in one ear

Has anyone else ever had this problem? After (and during now I think about it) exercise, I go deaf in one ear - not tinnitus, no whistling or other noise. Everything's just a bit muted. Mentioned to my doc once and he said he'd never heard of it before...


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  • Badoom-tish, he's here all week, try the fish image

  • I sometimes get this. Do you live in a very hilly area? I wondered if it was due to the changes in height (altitude)? whilst running.

  • You'll have to be running very fast for that to happen
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    YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK UP A BIT! Oh, sorry, was I shouting? image

    Nope, don't live in a hilly area - I was doing a body combat class today when it happened - no altitude problems there, me thinks image

    Can't fathom it out, was thinking maybe something to do with blood pressure, but can't reason it through properly. Bleurgh!

  • I sometimes get something similar, more of an ear popping thing rather than deafness. I think it could be something to do with my low blood pressure. I used to get it a lot more when I was very underweight.
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    Could be earwax,easily cured.!Cheers.

  • My money's on wax too.  I've apparently got a smaller than normal left ear canal, so it blocks up really easily.  Do you run listening to music?  That makes it worse for me, I'm not sure why.

    Try a couple of drops of olive oil in the offending ear every night and go to sleep lying on the other ear to give it a chance to soak in.  Your pillow will smell like a chip shop the next morning - sexy, huh? - but it helps keep it soft so it flows out naturally

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    I don't think it is ear wax - the ear canal was clear when examined. But I'll try the oil - can't hurt, can it? Will wake up craving chips, no doubt image

    Ta very muchly!

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    olive oil works for me most of the time,but there are occasions when I have to resort to syringing the ear myself to clear it.More troublesome in the hot weather for me.Not sexy but necessary.
  • @sarah any news with this? I have the exact sensation in one ear during exercise. I sometimes attribute it to hydration, which could then perhaps relate the heaig being muted to pressure change. Have never had it check out though!
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