Eddie Izzard's Challenge



  • mmmmm cake image

    So he's still going strong then

    Keep going Eddie image

  • stray celt he has 832,655 followers on twitter so if all of them gave only a pound it would still be lots
  • Respect to Eddie.  Amazing acheivement what he has done already.  He sounded so dejected in the second video diary though.  But it was pouring with rain.  I'd love to go and cheer him on - will have a look for the route as I don't Twitter.
  • Did you see he had a day off yesterday ? So he threw an impromptu gig in Keswick ! Would have snapped up tickets for it - but I was too far away to get there in time ! Damnit !

    Fantastic feat.

    (ha - pun intended)
  • He's already in Scotland now - and headed for Stranraer.

    He's flyyyying !
  • Stranraer!!???? Stranrear??!!

    Keep going Eddie, yoooo can doooo eeet image

  • Cougie when you ran with him, how fast was he going would you say?
    I'd be lucky to be walking after doing all that, let alone running!!
  • Hmmm - he was going at a very nice chatty pace I would say - probably 5 or 6 miles an hour ?

    Did I mention that before the run began on the monday - he went out on the friday - to run a marathon to see if he could ???

    I do wonder about his support team - I cant imagine the RW training plan for Running the UK has a 26.2 2 days before the race.....
  • Oh and he's having ice baths each night. Clearly thats the key.

    I dont know whats more impressive - 1100 miles running, or willingly getting into 42 ice baths ????
  • He's braver than me, 42 ice baths?????? no thanks image

    I wonder how he is doing injury wise?  somethings must be really hurting by now.

  • About Half way there I reckon ? Stranraer tonight - quick jaunt round Belfast and back to Scotland to Edinburgh and then a Boltesque sprint for London. How hard can it be ?
  • Here's his twitter update today....... 

    "Finished my 28th marathon. Getting really tough. I just have no energy in my body. I shovel in food but it's never enough. 15 maras to go"

    The man's a running legend! 

  • Fantastic Eddie!!!!!!!!  An amazing achievment! image 

  • He's home

    News report


  • That is impressive! Barking mad, but impressive!

  • I think it is great what he has raised but I don't believe for one second he really did it all. And all that nonsense about no training, rubbish!
  • Oh yeee of little face. He did the 5 miles that I ran with him.

    I dont really see how he could skip bits when everyone knew whereabouts he did it.

    I really think he did it all and we just make out that marathons are harder than they really are.
  • yeah cougie, we should all get on with it and stop whinging! image

    The guy is a ledge, i do wonder how's he's done it, i do also think he did do some training, his legs would have fallen off surely!

  • He started by walking for 10 hours each day and has progressed to running for 5 hours. So the first days were effectively training for the later ones. Maybe?
  • smith he had people running with him practically every step of the way - once people got to know about it

    you are such a cynic

    you said the same about the blue peter girl

  • Well he wasnt walking by the time he got to the North West. I think his running did get faster by the end, but I dont think he was walking his marathons. He did do a lot of meeting and greeting along the way too - so thats not conducive to a fast marathon time.

    What Blue Peter girl - have I missed anything ?
  • Me and Mrs b saw Eddie jogging near the Bullring about 3 months ago.
  • He's finished now - ended in Trafalgar Square.  I can't believe he'd only trained for 5 weeks beforehand though.  How is that possible??????

     Anyway, well done to him.  An amazing feat.

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