What pressure/strain does cylcing put on the calf muscle? Im trying to come up with something i can do whilst recovering from a pulled calf, would cycling be suitable?


  • I was told to cycle last year on a soleus strain. Not sure if it makes a diff whether its gastrocs or soleus though
  • Sorry dont know what either are! would you care to explain?
  • I had a torn calf and was told to try stationary cycling, rowing, cross trainer (but not stairmaster) and swimming to maintain some sort of fitness.
  • Well ill give it a go 2nite, see how it goes, any pain then its a def no no
  • Probably too late but, with a gastroc, tear, take the toe clips off whilst cycling. The upwards pull will work the muscle a little too hard.
  • I dont think i have to worry about toe clips on my mothers 'ladies bike'!!!

    Anyway, the cycling was a bit of a bad move, agravated not only my calf but old knee injury aswell, both seem to have settle down now tho
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    dbsa, the gastrocnimeus (sp!?) is the upper half of the calf muscle (actually two muscles), and the soleus is the lower part.

    If you do the classic calf stretch, with one leg about 3 foot behind the other, leaning forwards, keep a straight back leg and you stretch the gastrocnimeus, bend your back leg slightly and you stretch the soleus.

    I think cycling would affect your calves, although it stresses the quads more, but you found that out already...! hope you do ok with your calf and your knee
  • DBSA, I've pulled this out of another thread on calf muscle injuries, it might be useful. Good luck.

    This a general rule of thumb for a medium sized tear.

    Day 1-3 Rest and ice,

    Day 3-10 Start to do gentle stretches and hold the stretches for 7 minutes for each muscle group 3 times a day! Build the stretches in intensity over the 10 days. you can also start to break down the scar tissue in this period with ultra sound and/or massage. During these 10 days you can start to excercise again but with no weight bearing activity, including cycling. Basicaly only swimming and then don't push off too hard on the turns.

    Day 10-18. Do a bit of cycling or get on the cross trainer to start to strengthen the muscle. You must keep the stretching up or the muscle will heal less flexible.

    Day 18-42 Start to run again but build up your distance and intensity over this period.

    It takes 21 days for muscle tissue to reform and a further 21 to strengthen. The scar tissue is not as flexible as the original tissue and is therefore more likely to tear again.

  • go swimming/aqua jogging
  • Thanks guys, went swimming today and there was no sign of any pain there, i think im just gonna take it easy this week (hard as it may be) and see how it goes
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