I've tried to eat healthily during the day (breakfast - toast, yoghurt; am - snack on grapes; lunch - sarnie, apple, plum; mid-pm - cereal bar) but this never seems to fill me up (need crisps!) and I am constantly looking to snack (only had one choc biscuit though all week). Any suggestions on fill up food?


  • Try Soreen - yummy, low fat and loads of energy. I have it at 4pm when I get my afternoon slump. Cup a soups (even the diet ones) really fill me up as well.

  • Chips
  • I love the soup with croutons in....definatly fill u up :)
    Buy a box with 4 sachtes in, all you need is a cup and a kettle and a spoon to stir...

    - Bananas
  • Chips, CHIPS, you mean to say I can eat CHIPS!!!


    I did have them with my sarnie at lunch time but cut them out. Usually ate them first about 12-ish then had my sarnie later about 1.30-2-ish. They're oven chips too so is that even better??!?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Although all the advice is low fat this and hi-carb that, you do need some fat and some protien in your diet to stop you feeling hungry and to help your body repair itself.

    How about an egg on your toast in the monring, a handful of nuts and raisins with your grapes mid-morning, and maybe the aforementioned malt loaf instead of your cereal bar (they're not all that nutritious generally). If you can do a baked potato with a reasonably healthy filling for lunch, that might help too.

    Depends how many miles you are running, but you sound like you aren't eating enough anyway, so that'll be why you feel like snacking so often.
  • I havent eaten chips for months. The way I see it, who wants to eat anything that's had a bath in oil?? Ugh! Oven chips I suppose are better but are still infused with tons of grease. The same goes for crisps - soooo greasy! Why not make a big tuna, pasta, veg salad (make the sauce with a tin of tomatoes and chuck some herbs in) at the beginning of the week, stick it in the fridge and take a small bowl of it in to work each day as a snack rather than reaching for yucky chips or crisps? Learn what your body needs and plan ahead otherwise in a fit of hunger you'll reach for the really unhealthy things just becasue they're readily available.
  • Good avice, Nessie! I agree with you on the cereal bars too although my boyfriend disagrees and I cant talk him round. A bowl of museli with a couple of strawberries and a spoon of honey is much more nutritious, fills you up more and is in my opinion, tastier!
  • I just can't get my head around calories/fat/saturated fat and so on... no matter how many different things I read.

    For dinner/tea I usually eat pasta with meat and/or veg with sauce/pesto or curry or quiche and salad - main problem there is with the pasta I eat a large portion as my other half has a big appetite and I usually just half what's there. Big downfall is also eating out which I LOVE!

    Can only find the Soreen malt loaf which I have tried but it's kinda sticky - have seen other products for Soreen advertised on R4L site but can't find them anywhere!
  • Soreen Go bars at Tescos - with the cereal bars. They are so chewy and malty. And full of energy stuff too. Just can't get enough of them.
    In fact, I think I'd eat anything that had Soreen printed on the wrapper (do they make chips?)
  • Linda,

    How much are you drinking as you might be thirsty rather than hungry. I think it's at least 1.5 litres water/day without any exercise.

    I'm trying to eat healthier and it has made a difference keeping a jug of water on my desk to have during the day.

  • This is a good site if you want to eat healthier:

  • I don't actually drink very much during the day. I usually have a can of diet Sprite and about 5 cups of tea at work. In the evening it's usually diluting juice or tea. I'll try to drink more water/fluids and see if this helps.

    Thanks 3TL for the website - I'll have a look later.
  • *gasp*

    Get thee to the tap/water dispenser this instant!

    I drink around 3ltrs of water a day, only about 3 cups of tea, and absolutely no fizzy drinks!

  • How about a HUGE bowl of cereal in the morning? Toast just does not fill me up, a big bowl of cereal, (i normally mix 3 different types) providing you choose relatively healthy stuff is VERY good for you and keeps me filled up till lunch time. i also have it as a snack mid afternoon of before bed sometimes.

    BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS you can't beat em!
  • Hi
    Try food combining or the slimming world system. Either eat plenty of carbs and limit the protein (green days) or limit the carbs and eat loads of protein (red days).
    Green days eat as much as u like - baked spuds, beans, pasta etc with v.small portions meat/cheese - very filling.
    Veg meals/snacks are also good fillers - veg chilli or dahl (lentil curry) with naan bread mmmmmm I'm starving what's 4 T?.
  • Dried fruit is good and pretty tasty,

    I dont see how green days work? If i was to eat as much carbs as i liked on some days i could see me putting on loads of weight, how does that work?
  • Porridge!

  • the green days do work! slimming world theory is something to do with food optimising, without the 'no protiens with carbohydrate' etc. There is a web site and once you get the hang of it, it seems to be a fairly sensible way of eating (well I like it, because there are some foods you can stuff your face with, which makes it easier to do without others)
  • On the run up to the marathon, I ate varied pasta dishes at night - porridge in the morning and fruit throughout the day : with a wholemeal bread sandwich for lunch (with some salad style filling & either ham/cheese) : and never really felt hungry, but had loads of energy too. Lots and lots of water too.

  • I can tell you the secret to Slimming World as I lost quite a bit of weight on it. The "food optimising" system is just a way of combining food to make you feel full longer. Green days focus mainly on carbs and limited protein, while red days are unlimited lean proteins and limited starches. Combining starches and proteins in this way just makes you feel full longer. It really does work!
  • Eat banana mashed up with a tablespoon of low sugar peanut butter (microwaved-just enought to be warm and mushy. Sounds horrible but tastes lovely)about half an hour before a run. Fantastic energy boost!
  • Drink hot water with a slice of lemon - its great and really helps you loose weight ( weight watcher tip) also you dont feel your losing out when others make a cuppa
  • J S MMMM! Bananas and peanut butter... my favourite, especially on that gorgeous seeded batch bread, nicely toasted ... heaven!

    I could read / fantasise / dream about food all day and never get bored... hmmmm!

    I'm with the water lobby too...

    where's that loo...

  • hot sugar free vimto! (even nicer with ammeretto in it) :-)
  • bleurrrgh san
  • its so nice!is it the vimto you dont like or the ammeretto?
  • the combination
  • i know it sounds horrible but it isnt! try it! ive converted my cousie, she thought it sounded strange aswel. its bit like the ammeretto punch you can buy on the manchester christmas markets
  • hm
    Not convinced
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