Upgrading my 305 to a 405

Hi anyone who can help

Thinking of upgrading my 305 to the new 405cx.  My question is will I lose/lose access to the data on my laptop which I have imported from the 305?

Any advice much appreciated.



  • You shouldn't do, the old data should still be in the GTC (Which I assume you use to view your data).

    To be on the safe side, you could backup your current data just in case.

  • Cheers Dan - I'll give it a go.  Will keep my 305 for a couple of weeks anyway before selling it, so should be able to sort it.
  • PJAZ - no you wont lose any data on your laptop. When I upgraded from my 301 to the 405 all thats required to do in Training Centre is add a new device from the drop down menu User > Add New Device and you new data will be included.

    As Danowat has said, backup your data just in case your laptop dies, so you have your history if you need to rebuild anytime, I do mine weekly.

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