Compartment Syndrome/Stress Fracture

I've got some mysterious shin pain and it's been suggested by some of the knowledgable people on the forum that it could be either Compartment Syndrome or a stress fracture.

I've got an appointment to see my GP who's a nice man but I know (after boyfriend's trials and tribulations with a snapped anterior cruciate ligament) that he doesn't have a lot of experience in leg/running injuries. I have private health care through my boyf's work so if I can suggest an appropriate specialist to the GP, he will refer me.

So can anyone recommend someone? Preferably East London [near work]/Central London [I commute via Paddington so Harley St works for me!]/West London [ I work in Ealing]

Basically not South London then :-)

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Make sure you are covered for sports injuries cos i know a lot of places dont do that, i certainly wasnt
  • Can only relate my experience here. Had knee pain.

    Went to physios who gave me exercises to do, but being a lazy sod, didn't do them.
    Wanted quick fix. However my GP referred me to these and so was free.

    Then went to what I believe was a podiatrist who told me orthotics would cure my problem (made it sound as if they would cure any problem). Balked at the cost of £400. And I knew they weren't the only solution. Also didn't want to be reliant on something for the rest of my life in all situations.

    Now doing yoga, and that has sorted me out. Funnily enough the exercises that the physio gave me are very similar to some of the yoga positions I now do.

    I think my point is go to someone who knows about the condition, and not as seemed to me, somebody who offered one solution for all problems.

    Would suggest going to a physio, however since I have never had the condition you are having, I would possibly as some of the FFFers if they could be more specific about the specialist you should see.

    Hope that helps.
  • My Pod. told me that ballet is very good for the core muscles in your legs the hold the knees and ankles in place, that would explain why im still so god damm injury ridden tho
    go to special interests, then London, then sports
  • Hi Scampermouse
    I saw one in Hounslow if that's any good. The physio at my gym did a fair bit of research to find this chap. He's a foot surgeon at a hospital (in Windsor I think) but does sports injuries and private practice in a couple of locations. I had a similar problem to yours which he felt was acute rather than chronic so he didn't think it was necessary to do a full gait analysis. He did make me some simple orthotics on the spot to help with a minor biomechanical problem. He advised the physio on continuing treatment and took me through some stretches. I recovered well and was very satisfied. Email me if you want details.
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