Know any good running areas around Stirling?

My running buddy and I live 25miles apart and tend to take it in turns to travel to each others local area for a run. Stirling is midway between us but we don't know the area very well. Can anyone recommend somewhere to run in the Stirling area? Preferably somewhere that is lit in the evening so we can run late and during winter. Also somewhere that two women can expect to run safely. Route doesn't have to be too long, anything over 2 to 3km which we can run in a circuit or back and forward. Also need to be able to park somewhere near the route.



  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Used to work in Stirling.  There are cracking runs round the back of golf course and across dual carriage way towards cambusbarron, also castle and spingkerse industrial estate which is lit.  There is a 3 mile and 6 mile run if i recall in a loop, nice scenery.  Just miss Raplock in your runs!  There are some others too, i'll look. is excellent or and google earth can pick up some quality runs

     I like your use of Tangerine! (I'm a hopeless arab)

  • Thanks Shedboy, I'll check out those sites. Having a look on Garmin connect, but hard to tell which runs are in lit areas etc(or even still a road),especially as the satellite info is so old. Which is why info from peeps like you who have actually run in the area is invaluable.

    TT ;0)

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