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During my training for 1/2 marathon number 4, I was regularly clocking 9-10 miles at 8 minute mile pace...I was encouraged somewhat as I am aiming for a sub 1h45 1/2 sometime 'soon'. All was going well in the rain and hail of the 2002 Glasgow 1/2 until mile 10, and good time seemed likely. After about 10.5, my legs just didn't want to know. This has sometimes happened in training, too. The longest runs I do are 15 miles at the moment at about 9 minute mile pace. What might be done to convince my body and my mind to keep the pace for another 3 miles? Speedwork? More distance? Experience? I know I can do it, but my legs are not so convinced!


  • If you're regularly running 15 miles then stamina is probably not the problem. Do you taper for these 1/2 marathon efforts? If not it could be that you're still carrying training in your legs.

    If you're running 9-10 miles at 8 minute pace then you target should be easily achievable with a taper. I can suggest two things:

    1. Tempo running at faster than 10k pace will make your projected half pace seem much easier. Try a 10 minute warm up then 20 minutes at say 10-15 seconds per miles slower than 10 k pace following with 10 minutes cool down.

    2. Are you sure you 9-10 mile run is measured accurately? i.e. are you sure that you're hitting 8 minute pace.

  • Did you refuel at all during the race? Your body can only store so much glycogen and at that pace, would have been used up pretty quickly. I also find that I need more fuel when it's cold, and Sunday certainly wasn't a nice warm day!
  • Hi all

    MartinH: Thanx for the advice! This sums up quite nicely a lot of the info I get bombarded with, in the nicest way, through books and friends. In terms of the distance I run, it's not a race track but measured through a mixture of cars, maps and computer...I guess it won't be 100% accurate. I might well be moving south to the Yorkshire area next year so hope to get involved with a group that does trackwork that I have some sort of aerobic base to work with I'll get going with the tempo runs. Thanks :)

    Nessie: Nope...I didn't refuel (smack on the hands!). I was well-hydrated and had stuck to my diet running up to the race. I'm not so hot at even eating breakfast (I just don't feel hungry and I'm usually so fired up I can't hold much down)...I was thinking of trying training with gels...any thoughts on these?
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