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Anyone been sent a ballot key that works? 

I got a second chance email today with a ballot key to input into the VLM website. I stick the number in, and it doesnt work!  This was sent to make up for the problems with the ballot system when it first opened.

Nice gesture, pity it does not work!



  • Nope, mine doesn't work either. The training will be a lot less effort than the entry system!image
  • An email has just come through saying " sent in error". So thats the pleasant "second chance" offer taken away then!
  • same here chris.
  • LOL! Same here too. I bet Paula doesn't have to put up with all this! image
  • Lets all ring up tomorrow and claim " emotional distress" due to their mistakes  which can only be resolved by getting a place in their marathon!


  • I'm glad I'm already in. I couldn't put up with all the "am I/aren't I" malarky again.
  • I'm glad I didn't enter.  I couldn't put up with all the "am I/aren't I" malarky again. image
  • Wheres my sent in error email?
    I never entered the ballot in the first place.
  • Just received a 2nd chance email because I have entered 4 years in a row but I haven't enetered this year!! I damn well did enter, have the saved email etc.....

    Whats going on at Marathon HQ? Has somebody lost all the entries, someone hit the delete key?


  • I cannot complete the applicaton process because my realbuzz account already has my email address registered with them, and I cannot change the email address!!! 

    Not a happy bunnyimage

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Same thing here Robert - I'm going to contact them by phone - got the confirmation of entry from earlier this year so hopefully not a problem.   
  • I think there has been a major cock-up here!!

  • Robert Hilton, just leave the realbuzz account stuff blank, I did and it let me past.

    Seems like my key was one of the few that worked!

     I had applied 4 years in a row and missed this year due to the speed it filled up, I swore at the computer a lot and cursed Virgin even more, I was amazed when I got this email. Virgin - i take it all back

    Thank You!

  • thanks for that andy watson (a fellow Tigers fans as wellimage, Altidore looks a good signingimage)

    Going to try again now.

  • Completed the entry form, and received my confirmation email. So looks as if I am now back in the ballot!

  • Great news.

    At least we signed someone, I hope more can follow!

  • Well I have had 5 rejections so I might ask them for a guaranteed entry into the Brighton Marathon, image
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Grrrr....I spent AGES back in April trying to get the ballot entry to go through without crashing....finally did it. But if only I'd known that a few months later I'd have got a second chance. Huh. image

    BTW - does anyone know how I notify VLM that my email address has changed? Just phone them up, or is there an online system to do it?  Or I could leave it - let's face it the next time they will email me will be (I presume) to tell me whether I am in or not....but I'll get a mag (and rejection jacket probably!) anyway. At least I'll be oblivious to any email traffic in the meantime!

  • What is this 'second chance' e-mail you're speaking of?  I haven't received anything.  Should I have done?
  • I am just wondering, maybe the second chance entries might have a better entry odds than the iriginal ballot? Maybe just hoping for too much.....

  • I haven't received one either image
  • I've not had one either but I did manage to get an entry in to the ballet, does this mean there will more people in the ballet than when they originally closed it (presuming the second chance entries go in to the same ballot)?? Why did they not just increase the amount of ballet entries in the first place and how have they decided who to send the second chance email to? I don't know, it all seems very random this year.

    Maybe The second chance emails are going out to people who entered the ballet and haven't been successfull and if you haven't got one it's because you have already been given a place (you just don't know it yet) or maybe that's just wishfull thinking too image

  • I was sent a second chance as I had apparently been rejected three years in a row (I thought it was two but there you go). It went to my junk box and after reading it I deleted it as I wasn't intending to run anyway. Having thought about it I decided I would give it a go and if rejected I could build up the number of rejections. Unfortunately I can't recover junks I deleted so that's that.

    Having said all that I ran this year as I got a club entry so I thought that would nullify previous rejections????

  • Spoke to our secretary last night, seems a couple of our team mates received this e-mail, his understanding though is that they will not be entered for 2010 as entry is full and closed, it is only to allow people to keep up their consecutive rejetions, will let you know outcome when he has contacted LM

    Rodski, ring up LM to confirm your rejections and say you never received e-mail, you running on a club place is the same as o GB, it does not affect your personal application.

    Good Luck

  • I read my email again, it states that I will be entered into the ballot for a place in the 2010 marathon. I hope this has helped me into next years race and improved my odds of being selected. The email stated I had missed out four years in a row, so if I don't get an entry for next year i will be in for 2011.

  • Robert, had you already got a place in the ballet for 2010 or were you one of the ones who missed out?

    Surely there is a simple answer to this for next yerars ballet entries, instead of having a limit to the number of ballet entries, just leave the ballet open for a set amount of time (maybe 1 month) for everyone to enter regardless of how many entries they get, but when the times up, close the ballet and that's it, no more entries, if you've missed out then you only have yourself to blame. Maybe it's not quite that simple in reality but the principle's there image

  • I had entered the ballot back in April this year, I got confirmation emails etc. So it came as a great surprise to find out from Virgin HQ that I hadn't entered for the 2010 marathon. So I've completed the 2nd chance application and we will see what turns out when the ballot is drawn.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Hill.. I agree with you in principle, though there is a downside. The longer the ballot remains open, the more entries they will receive. At the present limit of circa 120,000 entries the ballot odds/chances are roughly 1 in 5. Chances of 1 in 8, 1 in 10 etc would surely be likely with an increased entry over a longer period.
  • I got a second chance email and the key worked - I formed the clear view that that would mean I am IN the ballot for 2010 (after three consecutive rejections).  If they've this sent this out just so people can sustain their rejections tally then its pretty dishonest.  Dave Wood 4 did you get any joy from LM as to whether that was the case?

    Can someone remind me how many consecutive rejections you need for an automatic place - in my head its five but one of my colleagues swears its seven.

  • It is five consecutive rejections, in on the sixth
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