Endurancelife Coastal Ultra Series: Classic Crossings, South Devon 35

Anyone doing this - or done it before ?  I'm wondering about the best way to do the swimming bit i.e. whether to swim in running kit, and let it dry on the next leg  ... ?


  • Aye for sure - beautiful part of the world. Did a bit of training that way for the jungle marathon in October - we did a couple of runs - 10miler following a quick dip in the sea followed by a 26 milr the second day. Very hilly /  rocky - think the swim will be welcome in this heat, Id just jump in and get on with it - it'll be a blast. www.iamTomBird.com
  • Anyone else get lost ? my GPS read 35.2 miles and it was supposed to be 33 miler !
  • I got slightly lost on several occasions! Great race though-loved it!
  • my garmin went flat at about 30 miles - but I'm sure it was nearer 35. (at CP4 I made it 28.7 - the map put it at 27.7). Doesn't matter though, it was a great event, can't fault it - and it's only today that I can walk downstairs without gripping the railing !!!
    I didn't get lost at all - although I did try and keep at least one person in sight ahead of me and ran most of the way with another runner behind me and we checked the map a few times to be sure.
    Loved the swimming bits too. Nice ladies t-shirt - and I'm still wearing my dog tag !! Very surprised to see in the results I was 2nd lady !

  • results ? where are they ?
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