Desperately Seeking Team Member - First Monster 2009

Due to a late call off our team is looking for a runner to participate in the First Monster team challenge on the 12th September 2009.

We are looking for someone to compete in a 12k run and 16k cycle (or alternatively a 16k run and 13k cycle).

The team is required to register all members on Friday evening at Queens Park Stadium, Inverness at either 6pm or 8pm, and the race started at 7am on Saturday at Queens Park Stadium.

The entry fee has been covered by the other team members.

If anyone in the area, or anyone willing to travel for the event, is interested, please drop me a PM.

Thanks for looking!


PS It is a mixed team, 2 guys & me & definitely not worried about where we finish so no pressure, just want to enjoy it!


  • Just to add you wouldn't need a bike to compete either, anyone interested in finding out more, please let me know.

     Thanks, Osa

  • Despite being a relative begginer, I would have been interested in this had i not been going to a wedding on the same day - sorry Osa.
  • Thanks a lot CoIW!

     I am sure you would have managed fine, the rest of our team are managing injuries, our name last year was the Rockets & we are thinking of changing it to the Crockets this year!

    Anyway if the wedding gets called off you can let me know!!! image


  • Hope the search is going OK.  I live locally (Inverness) so if things get very desperate I could slot in at very short notice.  If someone else wants to do it (has alreadt stepped in) then I'm happy to take a back seat.  Call me a reserve option!
  • Hello Boulders,

    thanks so much for the offer, I have PM'd you!


  • Hi,

    Sorry to hijack your threat guys! My team is also a member short after someone dropped out today! So we are deparately seeking a fourth member.

    We are from the south coast (nearly 700 miles) and have put a lot of time and effort into organizing this, can anyone help?

    All fees have been paid and we're bringing our own bikes. You'd just have to get yourself there and sort your accomadation. (We're camping in the field next to the event start).

    Please help!!!

  • See my posts above.  I am 1 mile from the start and available for selection.  happy to fill in at short notice.
  • Hi

    I had assumed you were already spoken for! My other two team mates are also asking around so wouldn't want to say yes please incase the other two also find someone!

    I'll get back to you by tuesday evening if that's ok.

    Thanks for the quick response.


  • Hi guys.  I got a place with a local team so have to withdraw my services.  Enjoy the race - maybe see you there.image
  • Hiya, glad to hear you got a place, you sounded far too good for our team anyway, I really appreciated your kind offer of help, will definitely see you there, let me know your team name /  number, we are the Rockets!

    Good Luck, Osa

  • Dont know about too good but thanks anyway.  the offer still stands if i can help with logistics or local knowledge please shout.
  • Nice one, thanks again, Osa
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