Liverpool Half-Marathon

I am a relative begginner to running with only one race under my belt a 8.5 mile Great midlands Fun Run which i did in 1 hour 14 mins. Should i step up to this half marathon to be honest the word race puts me off. I would be looking for a time of about 2 hours.


  • yes you should it will give you something to aim for, the Liverpool Half is a well organised and enjoyable race
  • Stuart - you are most welcome to come and join us in Liverpool. At two hours you won't be last to finish, far from it! It's a good course with a start and finish in the city centre on the waterfront.

    Hope your traing goes well.

     Alan Rothwell

    'runliverpool' initiative

  • Stuart- Go for it.

    Next year will be my 4th consecutive Liverpool Half. Have enjoyed the 3 I've done despite changes to the course each time. Hoping we can keep the same course as 2009 as was my favourite so far.

    (not Alans fault- he has mountains to climb to keep this going)

    Come and join the fun. I've always found it friendly and was only my 2nd race when I first did it 6 months after I started to run.

  • Its my first proper run this Sunday - the Liverpool 10k!  I am definately aiming to do the half-marathon in March.....oh dear, am I getting "the bug"?!?!?!

  • I recently did a Race For Life 10k in 1 hour and am now thinking of doing the Liverpool half and would like to aim for under 2 hours. Does anyone hoave any tips re training?

    Thanks image

  • Loved the Liverpool 10k yesterday, my first race and loved it!  Definately going for the Liverpool Half Marathon in March!

  • Looking forward to the Liverpool Half in March. Enjoyed Sunday's 10k so much that I've just signed up for the Helsby Half in January....will have to try and be good over Christmas :-0

  • There is also a Half in preston on 3rd Jan, to get rid of the festive excessimage
  • This was my first half last year and i loved it. Done 4 halfs now, and will be back in Liverpool next year. I just signed up for Helsby to. Go for it
  • I'm pleased to see so much positive support for the HM and 10K!

    Thank you indeed.

    Alan Rothwell

     'runliverpool' initiative

  • Stuart, go for it, I have ran several half marathons, this one is straight forward and relatively flat too, some nice scenery and starts and finishes at the same place so is great for any supporters/family too, best half I have ran, enjoyable and good crack too...........
  • Im debating this one too, im fairly new to running and did my first 10k on Sunday and ive registered for the Wesham 10k on 28th November.

     Is it a good half to start with as im hoping to do the Great North next year! image

  • Kerry, yes I think the Liverpool half is a good one to start with, the great north is to say the least arduous, I have done the great north twice now and it is the most difficult I have had as most in fact the majority is uphill, steady uphill too, you need a fair bit of training for the great north over a long time, the Liverpool is much more forgiving, scenic and convenient too. A good one to get started in half marathons with.
  • Thanks for the info Tom, i think im going to enter this one and give it a go image

  • Hello Kerry - I agree with Tom, the Liverpool Half is a better / easier course and I have run both (although I would say that!)

    Alan Rothwell

    Event Organiser!!

  • Im definitely gona give it a go, serious training starts now!
  • Hey there,

    Can anyone offer any advice please? I'm a complete beginner to running (exercise actually!!) and have a goal to complete a marathon in 2010. I was thinking of taking part in a half marathon or 10K before the big one to see how I fare. I'm generally fit and well, although I do have problems with my knees (stiff/clicky) for which I was having physio over the summer. Do you think it's feasible that I would be ready to complete the half marathon in March or should I wait until the 10K in May?

    Thanks image

  • to everyone new and old to running , i just say give it a go or you will never know.

    if its a 5 or 10k or half marathon the feeling of achievement when you reach the finnish line is well worth it!!!!! oh my gosh ive done it

    does anyone have any news on the liverpool marathon

    i hope we get it back!!

  • Hi Lisa-Marie,

    I too am new to running.  I did a half marathon in October 2009, which was my first race since high school, a long time ago!, i

    I have recently started training for the liverpool half, and hope to do 2hr 30min, so you still have plenty of time to get some training in.

     just take your time,

     one piece of advice i learnt the hard way, don't try to start the race too fast!

     all the best.

  • Just to let you know there is a longer and more extensive thread on this race. Great to see there are lots of runners new to the event and the distance!

    Alan Rothwell

     'runliverpool' initiative

  • this will be my first half marathon as i am fairly new to running i have done the sodbury slog the last couple of years but thats all ive done and as i am 60 in march it will be a great prezzy if i complete it (hope i can! )
  • this will be my first half marathon as i am fairly new to running although i have done the sodbury slog the last couple of years but thats all ive done and as i am 60 in march it will be a great prezzy to my self if i complete it (hope i can! )
  • Go for it Stuart it's a good race I've done last 2.
  • Like Stuart, this will be my first half marathon and I'm looking forward to it with equal measures of fear & joy!

     I have done quite a few 5km, a couple of 10k and am upto 15km in training but after reading all your supportive posts I feel a lot easier now.

    Although I don't live there anymore, Liverpool is my home town so it will be such a buzz to finish along the water front and the post race 're-hydration' will no doubt be a good laugh.image

    I was lucky enough to get a place on the GNR so I'm counting this as training for the more challenging route in September.

    Good luck to everyone taking part - see you there!

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