"not built for running". Really?

So I went to see a Physio yesterday, cos i've got patellar maltracking. she did lots of indescribably painful things to my ITB, and looked at my alignment etc. i've got slightly odd legs, a bit of a muscle imbalance, but nothing, she said, that couldn't be fixed with a foam roller and some comedy, "lie half off the bed and lift this leg up behind the other one, and then put a towel round your ankle, and then tie your arms in a bow" exercises.

THEN she said I shouldn't be trying to run further than a half marathon, and really I ought to only be doing a max of 10k because "some people just aren't built for running"

 now, Paula R, I ain't, and the knee thing is annoying, but kind of assumed that if I did all the exercises, didn't go mental on the mileage and lost a few pounds, I might one day be able to do a marathon. Just a "get you round" sort of programme. But is she right, should I not even try? cos that's kind of depressing image


  • I tend to agree, some people just aren't built for running, however, just because you aren't built for it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, and you can't get half decent performances.
  • I am not built for running, have the same sort of issues with mal tracking kneecaps and slightly odd and imbalanced legs which I generally keep under control these days but have done 2 marathons (OK didn't run them all but will do one day) - so I won't be elite so what I am 40 but still have years of improvement ahead if I keep at it
  • I have all those exact same issues, maltracking knee, muscles imbalance etc.  I do all the exercises religiously and I have no problems.

    I've done 3 marathons and I have 2 more this year and an ultra.  I've already done 30 miles with no niggles or pain at all.

    You have to keep doing the exercises though.  As soon as I let mine slip all the problems come back.

    My physio has never said that I am not built for running.  He just rolls his eyes at me when I tell him that I have another marathon soon. 

  • I got the 'human's are not meant to run more than 18 miles and even then only if they wise up and learn about proper nutrition etc'  from the most fabulous physio the other day.  I do happen to agree with her but it won't stop me - marathon number 6 in 6 weeks time.

  • How did they come up with the number 18?  is it a magic number, if you do over 18 miles you burst into flames? image

    I thought humans were meant to be able to cover long distances at a slow pace to track animals and wear them down?

  • running article

    hmmm, looks like we were built for running after all

  • I echo echo echo echo what everyone else has said.

    I am built for comfort not for speed and not for any great distances unless I work at my fizzio stuff religiously, otherwise, bad ITB, sciatica etc etc etc, 

    Its hard work and it does make me a little envious of the more efficiently built runners, but hey ho, you get what your given.....

  • oooh dont mention the sciatica, mine flared up again whilst I had piggy flu.  owowow,

    It's better now I am back out r*nning.

  • how odd, mine has got really really bad recently too.  Still not back and running after my oinkment tho, I got a horrid chest infection after it.
  • oh no, poor you.  I didn't get that bit luckily.  I bounced back really fast like Nam did. 

    Hope you manage to shift it soon.  Sending healing vibes your way

  • I've been told that I have a "good runners build", and when I took up running, everyone I know said  -"Well - you've got the frame for it havent you?"

    Funny how so many larger, smaller, wider, heavier, people of all shapes, sizes and odd running gaits go flying past me and run faster then!

    Anyone healthy person can run - its the most natural thing in the world. Its just a matter of how fast and how far!

  • Very true KI,  I look like a fast runner, whippet thin but I am not, I can run for miles but it is not fast at all.  My sis has short legs and carries a bit of weight and she is much faster than me.
  • I think the 18 is related to glycogen storage capacity but there may be other reasons that she didn't go into. She was busy fixing me at the time.
  • I hope she managed to fix you.

    Actually it is usually about the 18 mile mark that I sometimes feel a bit carp in a mara so there may be something in it.  I usually get a second wind around mile 19 though.

  • You sound like you have similar issues to me. I had 9 months off running last year due to ITB problems but am now due to complete my first marathon in aout 6 weeks. For me it was a case of working out what areas needed fixing and then working hard to fix them (and maintaining once corrected) - oh and being careful not to over-train!

    Good luck!

  • Since we're playing whoose done more marathons with the wrong shape, i'm on 10, plus a 52.4m ultra, and i look exactly like the left hand person in the image below:


  • LOL, very funny Siance image

    Lookin' good LA image

  • Aahhh, thanks shimmy image
  • thanks everyone. Marathon next year it is then! image
  • you must keep doing the exercises though, every day otherwise it all goes pear shaped again.
  • boo hiss. I don't like the exercises. but better to do them than to end up with no knee I suppose.
  • Yep you do need to keep the exercises up - I lose interest from time to time and pay the price in pain
  • she said 3 times a day. I can't see myself settling down on the office floor  in my knickers and foam rolling my ITB...
  • once you get it sorted though you can reduce it to once a day for maintenance.

    If I dont do mine I pay the price the same as Maddy.  It really is worth it.

  • i'm sold, I really am. 3 times a day it is. will book a meeting room image
  • Hi, Snoofly,

    Go for it. I am the same. Don't over do it. I'm training for my second marathon. Did one last year. Had lots of problems with not having been put together 'properly'. Some people just don't read the instructions. Now I'm doing lots of exercise to keep my knees from giving out on me and I can run 18+ hilly uneven miles on a regular basis. Just work at it slowly. Think of the exercises as part of your training, that way it'll be a lot easier


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