Why do mail order companies advertise shoes etc that they simply don't have in stock.
I just received a pair that I ordered 4 months ago and had long since given up on.
They were even sent next day delivery!
Anyone else had this experience?


  • No but I ordered 2 identical ink cartridges from Jungle & got 2 different ones (the acknowledgement was right but the delivery note was wrong).

    When I told them, I had to return it at my expense as if it had been wrongly ordered.

    And another thing.. they insist on a signature for the package but don't have a facility to give authority for it to be left elsewhere if you're not in (without paying the premium rate for an evening delivery)

    And they never said sorry

    And - oh sod it that's bored you enough
  • Danny,

    Which mail order company was it?
  • I don't want to name names but lets just say they advertise in RW every month.It just really got on my nerves when in the following 3 months issues I saw the same shoes being offered.
    When I contacted the company by e-mail they offered me a different shoes which were 20 quid more expensive!
    It made me wonder!
  • Name names young man.
    It's not Bournes again is it?
  • I had a problem with that shop recently.

    They simply do not tell you when they do not have stock in and seem to hold on to the order in the hope that new stock will arrive.

    I ended up contacting them because I thought the order had been lost in the post. It was only after a couple of emails that I found out what was going on.

    A shame because they do appear to have a very good range of products, more than most internet shops.
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