Runny nose while running

This sounds really random, but does EVERYONE suffer a runny nose when theyre running? I always have and its really irritating and I feel a little embarrased about it! Its not as tho I carry a packet of kleenex while im out! lol!!


  • I always run with a hanky hanging out my running tights image
  • don't be embarrased, it just a runny nose, I always get it and know loads of runners who do, i always have a tissue tucked in my shorts image
  • Me too, it's nothing to be embarrased about and i take tissues out with me for it.

    It is however really annoying  image 

  • I always carry a pocket pack of tissues and usually go through one every couple of miles.  If its not hayfever in the summer, its winter snot.  Its bally annoying any time of year.

     I've read that those snoring strips can help but haven't got around to trying them yet.

  • I've mastered the art of snot rockets, but I do run alone...


  • ooooh i didn't want to mention it siance but me too! its a lot easier - only do it if i'm in the country and when no ones around though!! image
  • Yep me too (runny nose not snot rocket lol) ....... so glad to see i'm not on my own. 
  • Thanks for all the replies. Ive not seen any runners near me with tissues on them but im definately going to start taking them with me x
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I'm also a master of the snot-rocket, and pretty good at snorting them out when no one else is around.  I get so hideously caked in my own sweat, I couldn't really see me carrying tissues.

    Anyone fancy going for a run?  image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Yup ... my nose runs faster than I do ... snot rockets (aka the tramp's hanky) are the way to go image
  • I have a small buff that I put around my wrist and have a quick wipe as I go round. Then it just goes straight in the washing machine ready for the next time. image

  • It's called exercise-induced rhinitis - in other words, running makes your nose run!  Very common, and a good reason for wearing gloves in winter.
  • what to wipe your nose? are you being serious?x
  • I ALWAYS carry tissues but when it's extremely runny I'll just do snot rocketing too and wipe the rest in my t-shirt. Lovely and feminine image
  • why snot use your gloves - it's only your own mucous! Bung em in the wash with your kit after. Simples
  • simples! lol! Urgh tho! Theres absolutely nothing attractive about running at all is there! LOL!x
  • there's plenty thats atractive about running,for instance the grace with wich you can snot rocket with a little practice
  • Until now I've never seen a woman spit but now I'm learning that you can actually snot rocket - I'm obviously running in the wrong circles LOL (not literally circles you understand - ah what the heck)
  • Yep - tissues stuffed down leggings and when they've gone t-shirt.   I've tried to snot rocket but it goes all over my hand which i end up wiping on my t-shirt anyway.

     I figured i lost all my dignity the day i started peeing in bushes. image

  • Nope theres nothing attractive in this sport however I keep getting whistles when I run, and yesterday some chav took a picture of me as well while he was driving past!!!image image image imageimage

  • Can somebody teach me to snot rocket?? All that happens when I try is that it ends up plastered across my face! Not a good look. I agree with winter gloves, though. Wonderful nose wipe implement. I always use them as tissues. Spose I better wash them one day... imageimage

    I get motorists beeping at me. More so when I wear my skimpy nike shorts! lol. Then they pass and see my red, sweaty face and probably regret beeping!

  • Id be concerned as to what exactly the chav would be using the photo for! Urgh! Im new to the site and am utterley stunned at all the "snot rockets" that are obviously produced. Id have never admitted to it before but I have done it a ccouple of times when I thought there has been noone about image
  • * pulls up chair and waits for lesson on "snot rocketing in 5 easy  steps* 

  • I'm loving this thread!

    I used to think that i would never need to pee or even poo in the bushes whilst out running. have done both recently and now feel like a "real runner" (though the field of pigs put me off the first time i tried!)

    learning to spit was really useful though i do try to avoid it in company.

    for runny noses a buff is excellent or a tissue stuffed in my bra!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Snot rockets are easy. When you've got a good load of mucus in the nostril:

    1. turn head quickly to side (this avoids hitting your own trunk or legs)
    2. raise head slightly (this avoids plastering your shoulder)
    3.quick breath through mouth while applying finger to blank tube
    4. good snort to open fire with loaded nostril
    5. repeat with other nostril as appropriate.

    With practice you can target them with reasonable accuracy. I sometimes do intervals up and down a stretch of path in a local park. Jeering teenagers quickly move on after I've fired a couple at their feet.

    On the other hand I have never mastered the art of coughing up and spitting out, so if someone wants to contribute a masterclass ... 

  • lol i love the step by step guide muttley!! Must be one to teach the kids ........ well when i have some x
  • Excellent Muttley - i've just had a practise and hit the window!

    CT - Trust me, when you have kids they wont want to snot rocket.  They much prefer to wipe their snotty nose on the sleeve of their school uniforms then leave it smothered over their face until it goes crusty.  That way It gives them something to pick later.  image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Indeed. As the old gag goes, what's the difference between brussels sprouts and snot? You won't see kids eating brussels sprouts ...

    A few years back, when Junior was ickle, (now ex-)  Mrs Muttley decided to clean and dust his room. After dusting the windowsill near his bed she decided to wipe the underneath ... and felt a hard, encrusted and undulating surface along the entire length. Closer inspection revealed a range of dried bogey stalactites worthy of Wooky Hole.  I reckoned there was a couple of years' worth at least.

  • Thanks for the Master Class, Muttley! I loved the thought of sullen teens diving for cover while you fire a couple off in their direction lol

    I'll give this a try tomorrow when i go out for my long run. Given that i'm in the latter stages of a cold, i'm sure there'll be plenty of ammunition for practice. image

    Wiping snotty noses on sleeves etc is a boy thing. My girls wouldn't dream of doing such a disgusting thing, whereas my 10 yr old never uses a tissue if his tee shirt will suffice. Drives me bonkers.

  • I thought that's what T-shirt sleeves were for image - tissue always goes damp and disintergrates, leaving ick all over the place.

    I only just have the co-ordination to spit - the snot rocket sounds like it's at an advanced level!

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