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Or have you other Gods?


  • I'm afraid to admit, but I'm one of those really annoying people who get to make a loud noise on a sunday morning - ringing church bells. Every Sunday morning. So I last had a lie in on a sunday in about 1984. (OK slight exageration, but it feels like it sometimes, especially the morning after the night before)

  • we're in a new church now which we love so now.. it's : Church - LSR... then dinner....image

  • Here's the rota for a really keen day: LSR, Church, Roast dinner, busy afternoon in the garden.

    More normally it's long run on Saturday, lie in Sunday, Church, Dinner, garden, Car DIY, etc, then take child 1 to swimming and fit in a 9 mile run at pace. Then tea and bed.

  • Church? As in Charlotte? Or do you mean the old buildings which are tourist attractions? Why would i go and look at a church on a sunday, as opposed to any other day, especially when do my lsr on sunday afternoons?
  • Church LSR and Possibly Church again in the evening.

    Mrs BD is leading the service this morning, and I have some singing to do.

    Church is the people. Not the building.

  • well said big david

    we go sporadically, and it is because of sporty stuff getting in the way - the kids as well as us

  • Usually Church 07:15 - 13:45, or thereabouts. So LSR on Saturday.

    Except today on holiday - just an LSR and about to walk round the harbour with the family.

  • SVT...6.5 hrs churching?  A very sociable lot or several services?
  • LSR and Tescoimage

  • A chat with God as I admire His handiwork all around me during my LSR and thank Him for the health to be out there. 
  • Running is my church.
  • Time to chill with a glass of red and the forum.

    The service this morning went well. Mrs BD was filling in for a visiting minister who was unable to visit.
    She was able to use much of a service that she had done a few weeks before as a guest (lay)preacher.

    I was called on to sing and lead the congregation in a song that I had written.
    Because I had written it as a singer, the tune does not have too wide a range of notes, and is easy to sing. Something which the congregation apreciated.

    I say written, but I have not got the tune down adequately for anyone to provide accompanyment.
    However One of our organists has offered to write down the tune if I sing it for him.

    The rest of the day?
    LSR a little over 12miles
    A bit of food prep and a doze.
    Out to the evening service. Again this should have been the visiting preacher, but another stand in had to do the biz. Which they did, including asking some questions that was not ready to answer.
    Home to finish the cooking and eat the meal:
    Roast beef.
    Potato, Sweet Potato and Beetroot, boiled and baked a bit.
    Onion Sweet Chillies, Mushrooms, in olive oil and beef juice.
    With apricot and oats bake served with custard.

  • I'm a musician and singer myself so that time covers setting up, sound check, 3 services and packing up after.
  • Sundays for me are church 0.730 - 11.30, then again 17.30 - 19.30 (but then I am the priest!).

    Sass xx

  • We're normally there from 10.00 to 12.30 - but then there is the socialising and cuppa afterwards.  Over the summer there is no evening service - it's more of a youth based one but we go too with our kids.  MrGFB is a drummer in the band so when he's playing he's there from 8am and then stipping down the drumkit usually takes until around 1ish.  If I'm on the tea rota I'd be there early too.

    The LSR would normally start around 1ish - the only thing that changes is the longer the LSR the higher the chance of eating out for Sunday lunch!!

  • Easy choice. I'm agnostic, therefore LSR

  • Is that the Communion wine you're quaffing there Sass ??image

    We have our own chapel. So we hold the services when we like.....

  • You mean people go to church other than weddings and funerals image

    I do my lsr on a Saturday on Sunday I go to my special church and usually fall out of the door about 6pm and get a kebab image

  • Course they do Nicko, there are Christenings too. Although I can't remember the last one of those I went to.image
  • I was well and truly put off church by being made to go when I was a kid.

    I have never been voluntarily since - other than weddings/christenings/funerals.

    So if my LSR doesn't have to start early then I have a bit of a lie in.

    There's usually a roast dinner to follow the LSR image

  • Wilkie

    What put you off? - I had to go to sunday school until I was 14, then I was allowed to make my own choice, and I chose not to go.

    Mrs BD  started going a whole lot of years ago now, after our second son was born.

    I have moved from agnostic, through searcher, to a still rather poor level of belief, but I am working on it.
    Most of which has come about through a nurture group, rather than through attending church.

  • You missed out the third option......those of us that have to work on Sunday image.

    I'd never go to Church on a Sunday, partly because like Wilkie I had to go untill I was 16. Partly beacuse I don't believe in God, and partly cos I'm a Buddhist so I'm on a different team image.

  • I too had to go every day between 7 and 18 years old - Never ever again !
  • My mum used to make me go when I was little. One sunday a lady was sat in front of us wearing a real fur coat. Apparently I leant forwards, stroked the coat and asked at the top of my voice "mummy, why is the lady wearing a dead pussy?"

    I never had to go to church again!!

  • Great stuff Lou-Lou!

    The old dead cat ploy.

    I think that CHURCH & SUNDAY SCHOOL have often been the best turn off that Christianity has every had.

  • It should not be like that!

  • As an ex-Christian, I used to do the Church thing.  I now do the running, sitting around and watching tele and playing on the computer thing instead.image
  • I really miss church.

    I was brought up a catholic, but it's not possible to do that properly and be in a relationship without wanting children, so felt like a hypocrite, gave up and didn't go near a church for 20 years.  For a while a few years back I went to the Anglican church, but in the end I had to admit that I wasn't entirely convinced that there is any sort of superior being who created all this, so I felt like even more of a fraud. They kept banging on about their relationship with Jesus. 

    Er...... what? 

    ***big blank empty thought bubble***

  • I do both! 

    8am followed by LSR from 8.30-10.30, then head off to relevant sports field to join the minigoons.  Sometimes in the winter as a treat for everyone, I do my LSR first, then meet the OH at 10.30 church for  and hide my sweaty running kit under a very long coat.image

    The 8 o'clockers are very tolerant of my non-sweaty lycra though. image

  • Hash, I think you found an evangelical Anglican church, by the sound of it. Why not come and join we nice Anglo-Catholic high church people? image
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