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  • You may believe or disbelieve what you like h_s.

    I am in no position to try to prove the existence of God. I still have far more doubt than belief.


    Personally I am, as a working hypothesis, adopting the idea that God exists, and Jesus was God with us, and is the pattern for our lives.

  • Big David wrote (see)


    You have a belief system (i.e. some sort of faith) even if you are atheist.

    Life is all about choices, like it or not.

    Big David wrote (see)

    A atheist believes that there is no god.

    This is not just a lack of belief, but a definite belief in the non existence of god.

    (You can not prove a non existence so this is a matter of faith.)

    If this is not so then you are not an atheist, but an agnostic - a religious don't know.

    Another load of mumbo jumbo
    I do not necessarily have a faith just because I do not agree that god does not exist. This also does not make me an atheist.
    I have the ability to think for myself, I am not a sheep following a shepherd and just because I choose to believe that with no evidence of existence I should become a sheep so don't place me in a brand category.
    Typically, your belief spills over into a defence mechanism which later on becomes more aggressive because you're not converting me or anyone else who has an opinion that differs from yours.
    You can support who you wish, believe in what you like it doesn't bother me yet for you it seems to matter that you need to go out and convert someone.
    I don't believe there is a god, I don't have a faith, I choose because I can make a decision of my own accord, it's quite simple really and perhaps it may be down to the fact that I live in a free world here in the UK who knows.

    Put your soapbox away and come join the rest of us.

  • So to summarise:

    Religous: I believe in God, but I can't prove it.

    Athiest: I believe that since you can't prove there is a God I don't believe there is one.

    Agnostic: WTF.

  • Ah but the Babel Fish is a dead giveaway

  • LOL

    I needed that.

  • Mak's friend has summed it up very wellimage

    Someone tried to tell me that an agnostic believes that it is not possible to know if god exists on not.

    Personnally I think an agnostic is some one who simply admits they don't know. But yeah - they may not give a shit.

    It must be nice to be sure - either way really.

  • Today:

    Cooked and ate breakfast.
    Was taken with MrsBD to a church in a local village, where she lead the service, and I lead everyone in a song that I wrote earlier this year (Premier performance)
    Home and out for a somewhat reduced LSR. (but I can do a few more miles tomorrow)
    Then carbs, fluids, rest and recover.
    Out to church for the evening service.
    Home again to cook and eat a stir-fry and rice, and use up some tinned fruit for 'sert..

    So now I am back on line, with a glass of elderflower to hand.image
  • I went to church yesterday and it was full of visitors because we had three babies in and they were having a service of thankgiving for them. We always do our thanksgiving and our baptisms in the main service, mostly because our vicar hates the idea of the "congregation going home" and then let the "hatch, match and dispatch" brigade in. image

    I thought it went well and they seemed to enjoy it, however the second the service was over and we were having coffee, they all flew through the door like somebody had flung a grenade in!

    It is wrong of me to be secretly relieved because I was on coffee duty and it meant less washing cups? image

    I have no idea how you the modern day church is going to keep congregation numbers up now. I guess we just have to get on with things.image

  • Mak's Friend introduced the head to the nail there. Why do some people slip into rant mode and bang on about 'needing proof'? Can these people not understand 'faith'?
    My attitude is simple - do what makes you comfortable but don't ram it down my throat (believers and non-believers alike)
  • *puts away Bible she was about to bash Minky's head with*image

  • Quite so Minky

    These conversations should always be based on mutual respect of each others views.

    Its why I rarely get involved in threads about big G.

    I always take the view that if someone wants to have a conversation about my faith then thats fine. If folks want to go in for the stereotyping and haranguing then its likely to be a pretty short conversation.

  • I think faith is like running. Some people think they are better than others because they run.....others thing the pace they run at *  makes them better...... (you can exchange * with wearing an ipod,  waving at other runners, going commando, tripping over stray dogs, time of day you run, using garmin, using HRM, using intervals etc)

    It's a choice. It's usually interesting to hear about others choice and I usually learn something even if I choose to reject their choice

    I claim spiritual injury  which is why I'm sometime a really bad person image

  • I trip over stray twigs.

  • I am a stray twig
  • Noo, you're a stray pig.
  •     Hi there mrs Big David here. Here's my story. Didn't go to Sunday school. (Dad was an atheist) Went to church with some mates when I was 11 and loved it. (Well I am wierd) When I was 15 moved to new town with parents,went to church there didn't like it.

     (Too many posh ladies with hats)

    Didn't go for long while. Then our son Luke was born 10 weeks early. Started to pray and read Bible,

    Had an amazing feeling of peace.Been to church ever since.

    Not up to long slow run but like a short Sunday walk when I can fit it in.

  • image

    See what happens when your back is turnedimage

    Management steps in.

  • Mrs Big David - you need to be hitting Big David over the head with that Bible for not taking you to New York, Paris or Rome for your 35th wedding anniversary!

    Tell him a day with the "affleticks" on is not anybody's idea of romance! image

    But congrats to you both!image

  • Some CoE churches however are a bit fluffy. Some catholic churches are too staid. Find what you're comfortable with and see how it goes.
  • I find " CE high church" a bit staid too DM....

    But then again, if you wander into a more evangelical church and you're not expecting to see people waving their arms about, you could be a bit spooked by that too....image

  • Churches can be scary.
  • Churches can be scary.But they shouldnt be.To quote the minister of a Methodist chapel I occasionally frequent"I'd rather people left thinking "Nice people shame about the service" than "Nice service shame about the people""
  • I heard a great quote once - a guy was giving off about how the church was full of hypocrites to which the reply was "well there's always room for one more!" image
  • Today

    R*nning won. I did a 10mile race image and did not go and singimage, (I belong to one of the churches singing groups) which I was otherwise down to doimage.

    I did go to church this eveningimage.

  • Well I'm the biggest sinner of them all....

    I had too many glasses of the red stuff on Saturday night and woke up yesterday with a steaming hangover..image I then had to be in church by 9.00 to lead the service! image I have not had a hangover for 20 years!

    Thankfully I wasn't doing the talk. Had it been about the evils of drink I might have been even more ashamed...image

    That said, somebody meant to be involved in the service chose to go to a race to support his wife, who was running it. I felt a little let down because he wasn't actually involved in the race and we really needed him there. She does lots of races, so it wasn't like this was a one off event.

    Is that wrong? This was a special service that was the culmination of a years work for those of us who had been on a course. I was quite surprised I felt that way, because I was the only runner among the people taking the service and nobody else seemed bothered. You'd have thought I'd have been the one fighting his corner.....image

  • It was probably the hangover making you narky! image

    We bag packed in Sainsbury's for 2.5 hours on Saturday for  charity (we're sending a bunch of young ones to Zimbabwe in Oct to help build an orphanage there) it was brilliant fun but really tiring!

    Sunday was up early - MrGFB was on drums at church (and he blinking rocked it!! LOL) a short run in the afternoon followed by a yummy dinner....

    Then in the evening my family went to see this guy Taming the Tiger while I watched the baby with my daughter (and had a few white wines!! image)- 

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