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  • During the summer, we had some Quaker style meetings run by one of the young people from the church at their home.

    There was some reading matter, some paper and pens, and a few things to look at or to hold, so that you did not just have to be still and quiet. In theory, you did not just have to be quiet anyway, if suitably moved then singing or saying or reading something out loud would have been acceptable, but nobody broke the silence, well not intentionally anyway.

    I found that each time was different.

    Afterwards, we shook hands, had a drink, and maybe shared something of what had occurred to us during the hour.

  • My meeting is a fairly quiet one - I am a relative newbie to this particular meeting and am reminding them that there are different flavours of Quakers - even ones who do speak in ministry image
  • Extroverts? or Prophets?

    Or just twisted fire starters?

  • Our church is doing a bit of a thing to try to get back some of the old regulars (or people who only attend once a month or once a fortnight) to come back to going each Sunday. I'd know more about it if I'd actually been IN the place more in recent weeks!

    A friend said she might target ME, as I have been missing a lot recently!image I think she was joking, but when I actually thought about it, I have missed an awful lot of Sundays recently - some because of races and many because I've been away on holiday and attending far flung family weddings over the summer.

    Not one of the days I might have been at church have I missed, but it does make you wonder if people do judge you if your bum isn't on that seat on a Sunday morning. And none of them understand running.....image

    If I turn up in running kit because I'm doing an LSR afterwards they stare like I'm in fancy dress!image

  • "Extroverts? or Prophets?

    Or just twisted fire starters?"

    LOL! Probably all of the above image
  • if i could choose
    i would be a quaker
    i like the idea of the meetings where you speak if you want to and if not then there is silence

    i know in theory i could choose
    but i have to keep kicking with the left foot in order to get my children into the school i want them in
    when i am older i may change

    my neighbour was brought up a quaker and converted to catholicism, she is a devout catholic in the real sense of the word rather than she just goes to mass a lot
    but i really don't get someone crossing the house from simple to ceremony
    "different strokes" i guess

  • Hey Lurker,

    I've met the odd person who has "gone the other way", generally from being a birthright friend like your neighbour, to a more structured form of faith. Silent unstructured worship can be enormously challenging for some people - because it calls on you to be constantly questioning your own actions and motivations in terms of seeking Truth.

    We have some "Quatholics" and "Quanglicans" and even the odd "Quethodist" who turn up about 1/12 for meeting but attend their own church most of the rest of the time. I was privileged to meet a sufi muslim who came to Meeting 1/12, because his local mosque was shi'ite and it wasn't able to meet his need for mystic reflection.

    So I hope you feel sometime you might be able to visit!


    p.s. I am sad about the demise of Friends schools - there are only a few left - they are great schools
  • Today I am watching the GNR, instead of being at the morning service.

    I will do my LSR after that.

    We have a 4 o'clock event today, which brings an a different crowd to the normal 6 o'clock service, being earlier, and having food on afterwards.

  • Friday night - street Pastors - basically standing in A & E for a couple of hours from 10 - 12 ish (turned out to be 12.30) giving out tea, coffee, soup and hot chocolate to the patients and family - just being there to be a listeneing ear really. It was quiet enough until about 11.30 when a bunch of ambulances came in - one guy looked likehe'd been stabbed - another girl was STONED and screaming the place down!!

     Sunday - son and dughter on the music so off to church at 8.00 am to set up the stage - after church MrGFB ran a 10k race (and came in the top 20 - not bad considering he's only coming back from injury) a bunch of the guys from church did the race (it was a men only race - the female equivelant was in June)with a big bunch supporting half way round.

    Sunday afternoon - had a cracker meal out and then early to bed as I've got the girl flu.

    Busy weekend (I was working all day Saturday and then we watched our 8 week old grand daughter overnight for the first time!!)

  • Hi gfb

    Another Sunday morning at a race rather than Church. Cycled 11m to the start, did the Crossdale 10k trail race, and cycled back. Then off to sort some stuff at my lads bungalow, prior to him moving in. Home again, food prep, and out to the evening service. Then home to finish the cooking and eat the result.

    This evening Mrs BD & I have been to our nuture group. Mrs BD was leading this one. (I lead last weeks,which included baking bread) There were only 8 folks present tonight, including us, but it went well.

    Our Church has one guy who is a street pastor - he is in his 70's.

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