Newton motion trainers



  • I have had 2 pairs of Newton motions and have been really happy with them, I used them for 3 marathons last year and part of an ultra this year! The only gripes I have are the price and the grip!

    I have now found the Brooks Pure Range to be pretty good cheaper alternatives image

  • cougie wrote (see)
    I bought Newtons in the summer and used them for a week or two of three to five mile runs before building up to a 10 miler in them. I did find my calfs were hurting a bit more than normal - not surprisingly I guess - and then I used them for a half marathon. I was much faster than I thought I should have been for my fitness levels - so I think theres something in it. Then I hurt myself in them - I think I had the laces tied too tight and with all the forefoot striking - that gave me so much pain I thought it was a stress fracture - but it was a tendon thing. Stopped me from running for 2 weeks or more - so I havent gone back to them yet.

    This was weirdly my exact same experience with my Nike Free 3.0 v4 - wore them in a bit (about the same as you) then did a HM in a *way* faster time than I was expecting and got severe pain for 2-3 weeks under where the laces were on one foot.  I stopped wearing them again for this reason, but now I've gone back, laced them with a gap and they are great - definately faster to run in (as the apppear to make you lean forward a bit more to avoid the heel strike).  Since then though I noticed I've totally switched to a more comfortable forefoot striking no matter the shoe (regardless of heel-toe drop) - so maybe you're right and you don't really need to spend loads on fancy shoes

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