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I've been running on my own for the last few months and have just completed my first 5k. I really want to take it further, but I want to find a running club to run with - I can't understand why I can't find one locally. I am close to 3 commons - Tooting, Wandsworth and Clapham and there doesn't seem to be a running club on any of them - surely this can't be true?

The only ones I could find was British Military Fitness which is asking for £36 a month just for running with them once a week, or Tooting Harriers which run on the althetic track (a bit boring and unneccesary when you're right next to a common?) and the Clapham Harriers who are actually based in Battersea.

Anyone know of any others?




  • Hi Naomi

    I think you'll find you've got a choice of the Clapham Chasers, who I suppose strictly speaking are based in Battersea, though quite close to Clapham Junction, and they do run on Clapham Common if that's what you're after, or Wimbledon Windmilers, which I'm guessing is further afield for you. If you're in the 3 commons area, either is easily accessible by public transport (or bike).

    BMF has its merits, but it's not a running club - the 'running club' sessions are just their usual fitness classes concentrating on legs rather than the whole body.

     Anyway, this seems to be a pretty comprehensive list: 

    Good luck finding a club.

  • Thanks, I guess I was looking for something like the Windmilers but a bit close to home. I think I'll join them - I just want some friendly people to go out with and I don't want to do a triathlon! Seems a shame that we have so much green space and no real running club...  maybe I should start one.


  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Might be worth looking at the clubs involved in last Sundays Bolt 5k run by the Belgrave Harriers - should give you an idea of the clubs round that way image

  • I live in Tooting and I've just joined the Windmilers, they seem like a friendly bunch, and Wimbledon Common / Richmond Park are much nicer to run around than Clapham / W'worth / Tooting.

     I was going to say that I know a few of the Chasers who just run with them, then I realised that since joining they all seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with tris, so if that's not your bag (it certainly isn't mine!) you probably are better off with the Windmilers.

     Perhaps I'll see you at a training session some time!

  • Ok thanks, I'll start with the Windmilers.

    I've just set up a yahoo group for Balham/Tooting runners - if anyone wants to join me on thursday nights (or another evening if it's more popular) maybe we can get a group going.

    Please join: 

  • Tooting Bec Athletics Track is on Wandsworth Common

    Herne Hill Harriers are based there

    Serpentine are a well represented club at races

    Here's a list of London clubs

     Also try the Sri Chimoy races on Monday nights and Sturday Mornings round Battersea Park. I race there are it is brilliant, very friendly and great for improving your running

     Hope this helps

  • Hi Naomi, 

    I don't know if you had any luck setting up your own club but if so let me know as I'd like to find people to run with around Wandsworth Common, ideally, otherwise Clapham Common. I've just signed up for a 10km and really need the motivation now it's started to head towards the dark, winter nights! I'm also not so keen on running alone in the dark so if you want a running pal, let me know.


  • Would love to go running with you in the evenings. I have had to stop running now for a few weeks due to illness, but am hoping to start again soon.

    I don't want to give me email address out on this forum - could you email[b]balhamrunners and I'll email you back?[/b]


  • there is a new small running club that goes from Pioneers running shop in Clapham Old Town.  The runs tend to be around 10k, but it's very friendly and lots of people running at different paces.  Google the shop, give them a call, and ask to speak to Leigh..
  • I've just been down to my first run from Pioneers in Clapham Old Town. It was excellent. Perfect size group (about 20 people) - and all different levels - 5 mile run - all paces - from a lightning 32 mins to about 45 mins... Handy starting point as the store is open for gear if you need to stock up with winter leggings!! You just need to show up Tuesday at 715pm.
  • Hi Louise and Naomi. I'm the manager of PiONEERs running shop in Clapham Old Town (opposite The Sun pub).

    Our Tuesday night runs have been going for the last 4 months. We vary the runs from anything from 3 - 10 miles depending what the group feels like doing. We meet here at the shop at 19:15 and set off at 19:30. I email the route out first thing Tuesday morning so you can see what distance we're doing before you turn up.

    We will be starting a Thursday evening session very soon which will be taken by Phoenix Personal Trainers. This session will be more specific though, such as interval training, hill running etc. If you are interested in hearing more about what we do please give me a call on 02077203119 or alternatively email me and i can add you to our mailing list.

    Hopefully see you both soon

  • Hi all,

    In relation to Leigh's post above about the Thursday night's drill clinic, I am one of the trainers that have been putting the Pioneers runners through their paces since 29th Oct.

    It's a great session that I take on Clapham Common and we do all sorts of drills and interval training that will really improve your running speeds and distances. There is also a good amount of strength training - ultimately strengthing your calves, quads, hamstrings & glutes to give your legs the condition they need for your best performance and to prevent common injuries from weak muscles.

    It's a session that suits all level of runner as you just work to your own pace but is great as there are loads of others to push you to your max so that you get the most out of your training.

    We also show you how to give each other assisted stretching at the end of the session. This will greatly improve the flexibilty in your muscles and joints and ultimately give you a longer stride and less painful recovery after training!

    Do come along and give it a go - it's a very friendly group! If you would like to ask any questions then please email me :  or come along and try for yourself!


  • I'm not a member, but Herne Hill Harriers is based by Tooting Bec common, not wandsworth common.

    I do short/medium (up to 8 miles) training around tooting bec common, there are lots of runners but I haven;t looked for or searched for a club. I have seen groups of younger athletes being coached on I think Tuesday evenings there.

    I do longer runs up to 20 miles (I'm training for marathon) around Richmond park on a sunday.

    I always prefer to run with somebody, but it can be very difficult finding somebody who wants the same pace, or same training regime.

    Also of course having a fixed time to meet up after work is almost impossible. 

    Maybe I should make more effort finding a group suitable for me.

    I have done a long run starting at Streatham, go alongside tooting bec common to tooting bec, along wandsworth common, up to clapham junction, across to Clapham common, around clapham common, down to Balham, and back around Tooting bec. Surprisingly few roads to cross.

    Got to go and do my session before it gets too late.

  • There is also Clapham Runnners a small and very friendly running club based in Battersea and Clapham Common ( - i've been a member for 3 years and it has really helped improve my times.
  • Beginner wants to run on Tooting Bec Common

    Hi, I live close to Tooting Bec Common and occasionally manage to persuade myself to get out and run on it. I need a running buddy or two. I'm not too fit, not too fast, but managed to run around Richmond Park recently (8 miles with hills) in 1h 11 mins.

    Not that serious about running but want to keep fit, loose some weight, get out in the fresh air etc. I work from home as a freelance designer so can be flexible on time of day. Be glad to hear from anyone with similar fitness level

    NaomiJ - if you are not yet sorted for running mates, you seem to be at the same stage as me


  • I thought runners in south west London might be interested to hear about two running workshops that we are organising in Clapham & Balham on Saturday 2 & Friday 22 June.

    The Running with the Mind of Meditation Workshops are designed to enhance the running experience by engaging in meditation practices. They will introduce the practice of mindful running, training runners to be fully present whilst running.

    These workshops are based on Sakyong Mipham's book, Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training the Body and the Mind (April, 2012). The book, by a leading international meditation master and 9 time marathon runner, offers fresh insights into the activities of meditation and running. It shows the ways our running experience can be dramatically enhanced by working with the principles of meditation.

    For details of how to register, price and exact locations please visit our website:

    Or read the Guardian article here:

  • My friend and I just started up a running club in Tooting Bec. We meet every Sat morning at 10am on Franciscan Rd (outside Kitchen Table). We run about 10k around Wandsworth Common. All levels/abilities welcome. We are not meeting this Sat due to the BH but you're welcome to join us next sat at 11. Like our Facebook page /MoringRoadRunners or follow us on twitter @moringroadrunners
  • An old thread - but thought I'd update with the new website address for Clapham Pioneers.


  • I was thinking of joining The Harriers a while back, but it's very expensive, especially compared to other clubs I've heard mentioned.  There's a yearly membership, and on top of that, a fee you have to pay for every session because the Council owns the race track.

  • sorry - typo in the above


  • Yep, Clapham Pioneers is a friendly local club based in Clapham Old Town / Clapham Common. Membership fees are only £30 per year and you get a free club vest for that, as well as free coaching sessions each week.

    We are also on Facebook:


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