Running in Russia

I am due to spend some time in St Petersburg in September on business and this falls smack in the middle of a marathon training programme I am following. Having never been to Russia (and don't know anyone who has) I was wondering if anyone has experienced running in this part of the world. Do you see people out running like in the UK? Any advice gratefully received.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I used to live in Moscow, but this was a way back. I don't recall seeing runners then (I wasn't a runner myself so wouldn't have noticed).

    Anyhoo ... there is a runners' forum right here. I'm assuming you don't know Russian, in which case about halfway down there's a section for English speakers. Doesn't seem very active but it's worth asking your questions and you never know, someone might answer.

    Incidentally, I do know Russian so if you get responses in that language just let me know and I can translate them for you.

  • Kevin

    friend of mine moved to St P for work, and does a bit of running. I will email him this link, and see whether he is interested in contacting you. He isnt on RW, but he might be interested in having a short term running buddy.


  • there's bound to a Hash going on there
  • image


    I dunno what happened there, but here's the limk for the Hash house Harriers in St P

    Hash russia

    they meet every second Sun and there's loads of contact details there. 

    The only downside is you'll get a silly nicknameimage

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Grown men with silly nicknames - how naff is that?

  • When I was last in st petersburg I ran a fair bit, mostly along the river.  It was fine, no problems bar a few funny looks. Didn't see another runner while I was there though.
  • Oh, and take some insect repellent, you'll need it in st petersburg
  • i used to run while i was out there

    depending on whether you will be city running or out in the the countryside dogs can be a problem,also if road running be wary of vehicles they may not want to give you room

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