How stupid are you?

I have been running for three years, and in that period have tried some stupid training ideas, thought I'd list the top three, to see if I am the only one:

1. Made my own recovery drink using raw eggs. Spent a long time with my head in the toilet.

2. Iced bath. Might work but something you will only try the once.

3. Running backwards off road. Almost broke my neck.

Is it just me. Come on fess up!!!



  • Haha, I'll steer clear of number 3, I think. DEFINITELY not worth it.

     I once ran a mile quite fast on my tiptoes (I thought it would strengthen my calves) - put me out of running for a few weeks with an ankle injury....

  • Thanks Seetee, feel better already
  • Raw egg beaten in milk - done that.  Wasn't bad, actually image
  • Accidentally sucked on a sponge handed to me mid race that I thought had water in it, but was actually disinfectant.
  • Why did it have disinfectant on it?? Were you extra smelly?
  • You're supposed to beat the raw egg in milk - now you tell meimage
  • image the thought of raw egg makes me want to puk.
  • <X-post> LWJ your time is running out to do your numbering correctly
  • lol see-tee and sprint!!  image

    I don't think i've done something stupid but i'm often caught badly breathlessley singing as i run along by pedestrians or cyclists!!

  • Farting (quite loudly) when I didn't realise there was a large group of runners behind / downwind of me?
  •  I look forward to an ice bath after my long runsimage

    See Teeimagehaha

    Haha farting when someones behind, done that a few times,more powerimage

     I think the only embarrassing thing that's happened to me was a while ago. I was running towards the sun and couldn't see much and I decided to put(what's left of them)boobs back into place, didn't think there was anyone around but I saw a male runner approaching, I know he must have known what I was doing from the arm movements.imageopps 

  • I ran into a Llama (yes you did read it right) while running through Mudchute park on the Isle of Dogs i ran through the childrens zoo, in my own little world turned a corner and ran head first into a big smelly llama that was being taken out by it's keeper. I ended up on my arse, the keeper wet herself laughing and the llama did not look amused.

    If i ever get a job as an after dinner speaker that the first story i will tell

  • Doing the South Downs marathon was a pretty dumb idea....
  • Persuaded to go training in the Kalahari desert by  a psychotic New Zealander when lions were

    present was'nt a great idea....Scared the crap out of our guide,who had to come after us in the truck

    complete with loaded rifle!!

  • I once ran 5 miles in 19 minutes with a stress facture....................
  • 142 mph on the M6
  • Lou-Lou wrote (see)
    Why did it have disinfectant on it?? Were you extra smelly?

    Think it was meant to be refreshing when you sponged it over yourself...

  • after a call of nature about 2 miles into a run I used stinging nettles by accident as it was dark - thinking they were leaves ......
  • Hummo wrote (see)
    after a call of nature about 2 miles into a run I used stinging nettles by accident as it was dark - thinking they were leaves ......
    image image
  • A few weeks ago I was out on a long run and pretty weary by the end of it.  I had my baseball cap pulled down over my forehead and was plodding up a hill, just really concentrating on putting the next foot in front of the next and ran into a wheelie bin, knocking it flying.  Luckily it was empty but I felt a right twit. image
    • wearing 2 pairs of insoles for a 1/2M...big bloody blisters!
    • forgetting my shorts for the flm in 2005-had to run in my underwear!
  • I once ran with tennis socks in my shoes instead of running socks. After 15km I had plenty of blisters.

    I also hurt my heel by landing wrong at the start of a run, but continued training for the remaining 20km thinking I could run the pain away. I did - my foot went completely numb, but the next day it was agony and I spent the next 6 weeks on strong pain killers because I insisted on running my upcoming marathon anyway.

  • I began warming up for a race and felt a bit of discomfort in the arch of my right foot. Thinking it was no more than a bit of training induced soreness, I preceded to jog / bound for a mile or two before returning to investigate the problem.

    On taking off my shoes and feeling something a little odd in the sock I was a little alarmed to find a 2-3 inch sewing needle that had somehow got into the wash and embedded into my sock, and had been trying its best to impale itself deep into my foot.

    I felt a bit queasy, but luckily no lasting damage done. Always check socks now before running.
  • When I was younger - quite a while back I used to offer to walk dogs and take them on my traing runs but on one occasion I had too many big dogs that when they got into their stride I could not maintain the pace and was dragged along the grass in the park like a scene from a comedy for around 50 or so yards til they decided they'd pulled me far enough.
    Should say, was a very wet day and had 7 or so large dogs

    Funny though image

  • Second time I did the GNR I took the money to pay for the bus back and put it between my laces and trainers. About half a mile the coins fell into my trainers, instead of taking the 30 seconds to stop and take the coinds out, I decided it only hurt "a little bit"...

     By the time I'd finnished you could see the queens face on the ball off my foot!! (not really, but it bloody hurt!!)

  • Tried to leap a stream, didn't make it, sank to my calves in mud and lost both shoes!
  • I managed to drop £20 out running cos it was in the same pocket as my phone and I stopped to answer a call.

  • re Go-KL's post about the needle - someone ran the half marathon leg of the Vitruvian triathlon a couple of years ago with a razor blade inside one sock. he wondered why his feet were bleeding!!
  • When walking the Stevenson Trail in France this summer, I stopped to refill a 40 fl.oz Camelbak from a mountain stream running out of a short piece of earthenware pipe. I underestimated the flowrate big time: the bag filled in 0.17 seconds, then the stream sprayed everywhere, soaking me. I squawked like a turkey and the mrs has the whole thing on video image
  • How stupid am I?  Pretty stupid actually...

    Biggest mastake ever...not getting sun cream on in T1 of the Lanzarote IM - because the people who were applying the suncream were busy and "sure it's quite cloudy today" image

    Result - sunstroke - heatstroke -dehydration and my first ever DNF after 95 miles of the bike and a face like this image with oozing blisters 8 weeks before my daughters wedding.....not clever!

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