magnificent, Mincing(for Fruity), Moonwalkers

Im off out for a VERY gentle plod


  • Morning Benzy!!

    'ello everyone - tonight's the night!!
  • Okay - just so no one gets confused, I'm not meeting you at Victoria, I'm going to meet you at Playtex City - entrance to the yellow tent, but I have mobile numbers on me! I'll porbably spend over £4 on phone calls so it would be cheaper to get the ticket!

    Even so, I'm coming up with some friends who are going to be there about 8:30. They're on the white start unfortunately.

    I must dig out some tinsel!
  • you have mincing friends ?:)
  • Well, at least one of them is a lesbian, I'm not sure if there's more than one though, as they're bringing along a friend of their's I haven't met yet.

    i don't know what image you have of me Benz, but if you're expectign a raging queen you're going to be disappointed :-) I'm heterosexual but enjoy making fruity comments (a la Julian Clary or Graham Norton - yes I know!!), and tonight is just a bit of fun!
  • hehehehehe!
    Got your sparkly makeup as well?
  • I have no intention of taking tonight seriously
    (hope i dont fall out of me bra)
  • Not yet. Does anyone have any purple nail varnish?


    << looks shocked!! >>
  • yes iain
    it dries in 60 seconds, ill bring it

    Im not joking about the bra
    never 'ad a cleavage like it
  • Tit tape Benz?

    I've heard about the Welsh Valleys ;-)
  • ;)))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Just off to get some brekkie - back soon :-)
  • Right - got me scrambled eggs on toast.

    Now Benz - you were telling me about your cleavage?
  • Good luck all you moonwalkers!
  • Thanks Meer :-)
  • What time do you hope to finish??
  • Well we set off at 11pm, so hopefully around 6am I guess. I'm not going for a tiem really, just for the atmosphere.

    Are you going to come along and watch at all?
  • Not sure...I've been a bit slow off the mark with this one. But my thoughts will be with you anyone going to be taking photos??
  • I think several people have digicams - I really must sort myself out with one in the next few months, but it's too late for today.

    I haven't seen a published route for the MW, so I don't know where to come and cheer. I have over £200 in sponsorship already, which is cool :-)
  • Very cool! Good luck!
  • I may well get more as well - I do want to save some potential sponsors for my FLM charity though, which I rather forgot about as I was busy.

    What have you got planned for the weekend?
  • right
    time to pack bags, lots to remember

    see you all later
  • Do you think we need to vas up for tonight?
  • Safe journey Benz, BTW - and anyone else who's travelling down.
  • Oooh - a long walk and long bike ride - not sure which one I'll do today. Then all the usual boring housey stuff. And gardening!
  • Good luck Benz!
  • ta meer
    packed me vas!
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