Hi all.

Thought i'd let you know what I think of my Trion:z  bracelet I bought a few weeks ago.

I bought one firstly, because
a) I love a gimmick
b) It might by some miracle, cure all of my aches and pains and give me super human strength
c) I wanted to buy one for my mum who has arthritis in her hands and thought it was worth a punt.

After 3 weeks of wearing it 24/7 (apart from in the shower and doing the dishes) I can report that I do not have a Ready Brek glow or have acquired a super human strength.

I'll be honest, I don't feel any different, but then again, maybe it's stopped me from feeling crap and stopped me from getting Swine Flu.

What I can report though, is on 3 occasions when i've taken it off for approx 30 minutes to shower, i've felt slightly nauseous and a bit 'sea sick'. 
I done a bit of google research and found that the properties withing the bangle can actually prevent nausea, so was taking it off for a prolonged time actually my body recieving all the bad stuff in the air?
Who knows.

I haven't spoke to my mum yet to get her view but i'll let you know what she says.

Does it work? I don't know.
Would I buy another if I lost it or it snapped?  Yes I would
Does it look cool? Yes it does.

That concludes my in depth review.


Please note: Other over priced gimmicky bangles are available from an internet near you.


  • as they say - there's one born every day........
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    LOL - Well done & thanks Stringy image
  • I spose they do look quite pretty.
  • Pretty if you like to wear a bracelet cougie, do they do them in a medallion style as well?
    Would look really nice with a hairy chest!!
  • Are they really magnetic ? Would you get stuck to the fridge door walking past ?

    I do have my livestrong bracelet on.
  • If I wear one, and you wear one - will we be stuck together for hours or pushed apart like there's an invisible forcefield?image
  • Thats a good question !
  • LOL you two !!

    The magnets dont seem to stick to anything - well mine dont- may be they dont actually do anything image But I like to look of them.
  • I've just been whacked on the head by a teddy bear shaped magnet that was holding my hotel details for Dublin mara on the magnetic board so I think that magnets are taking over the world....image

    *rubs bonce*image

  • You can get some brilliant super strong magnets off Ebay - i forget their tecchy name - but they're waaay cool. great for keeping lots of crap on the fridge.
  • I need some before everything else rains onto my head! image
  • I have one, its a pretty pink one cos I had more money than sense at the Expo

    I darent take it off in case my arm falls off and then I will have nowhere to put my watch.
  • I thought we were still talking about magnets for a minute there Melds! image
  • Sorry I thought I was in the blisters thread  image
  • You can have my OH, she's great at keeping lots of crap in the fridge
  • LOL! That stuff in the pack is SALAD and it's good for you.

    You can get fridges just for your beers now you know - we want ours back! image

  • Sorry it's full of chilled white wine - so not just yet LB
  • Posh kitchen companies come in your house and can build wine fridges in. I SOOOOOOOOOO want one of those! image
  • LOL My daughter works for one of those kitchen companies and she keeps asking for me to get a quote so that she can earn some commission, but I have your fridge so don't need it just yet image
  • I've got two of these - i've got one of the dual band ones and one of the 'sport' ones. I also feel no different, however for the first couple of weeks i did sleep much better - i could just have been tired though image

    If one broke or got lost - i probably would buy another. I quite enjoy their mysterious, possibly non existent power...

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    I'd be a bit sceptical to be honest, but even if it has a placebo effect it might be worth it.

    I'm just too cynical, but personally i'd try it if I thought it might help, yet another sucker!

  • yeah if my fridge broke due to falling Dublin Marathon prices I'd probably replace it with one of LB's. If the place of landing was my bonce then I'm sure I too would sleep much better, esp with teddybears wearing pink braclets.

    er? image

  • Bit early in the day for drinking bikermouse image
  • Not drunk, only feels that way trying to follow this thread.

  • Guess what I got for Xmas ?
  • a box of chocolates?

  • so go on tells us.doers it work image


  • Mine doesnt do anything Seren, but I like the necklace anyway.


  • Funny thing is Seren - I've been running like a heavy old sideboard since Xmas after a few weeks off with a bug. Tonight was the first decent run Ive had this year.

    Id completely forgotten that I'd taken the Trionz off this morning. image

    So I'd say it clearly does work and I've not read the instructions and must have it on upside down and that's why I've been so crap.

    Now if I can just work out which way it should go - ill be back up to speed next time!
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