Ache in ankle

Hi hope someone can help.

 I have been experiencing a dull ache in my right ankle (not round the back by achillies tendon) but mainly it seems on the top. Its strange because it only seems to flare up on treadmills.  I dont experience the pain when road running up and down hills or playing football.

 As soon as I stop running the ache subsides within seconds and it seems normal again. There is no sharp pain but just an ache which seems to stiffin the ankle slightly.

Any ideas what this could be?

 I have had 2 ligament sprains in the past each keeping me out for about 6-8 weeks sustained from football the last one being about 2 years ago.

 I do not experience any other pain in my ankle at any other time.

Thank you



  • Did you manage to sort this out? I develope a pain at the top of the foot but in the ankle joint (in the corner of the L , on top right in the middle of the joint). This comes after about 3km and then gets to painful to run. I stop and press my fingers onto the tendon area and can run for another 500m when it starts coming back. No pain after running nd none while walking. This started only when I used a treadmill and now it is starting while running and I have to stop all the time.

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