Tydfilians Roman 16

Hi, anyone running this in 2009. Just spent ages reading a thread for the race, before I realised it was for the race back in 2007! LOL! Still, loads of interesting stuff on there, much of which, I'm sure, is still usefulimage

 Haven't entered yet, but am going to do the run as part of training for Snowdonia marathon. So who else is up for it??image


  • I'll be there - done it every year since 1985 and as it was not held twice makes this my 23rd time - hoping to keep going for another couple of years (me and the race) and make it to 25 times run. Good training for Snowdonia

  • jason me and a few from port talbot will be there 1st time for my hope it not to hard
  • FM - me too!! Apparently similar in profile ( though not distance or height!!!) to route for Snowdonia mara, so good training!

    Steve J - 23rd time!!!!!!!!!- you seem to be the man to ask for any tips!image

  • I'll be giving this a go for training for the New York Marathon. Will i be the only girl there?
  •  I organise this , Rachel you certainly wont be the only girl there, we had 155 entries last year of various age ability and gender,its a challenging and scenic route with a friendly atmosphere.

    I have run it myself on a number of occasions if anyone needs any pre race information let me know. 

  • Cheers, RR - will let you know! Offline for the next week or so now, as camping/ training in Llanberis from tomorrow, image 
  • running reptile - I hope to run this, but will have to enter on the day.  Where is registration - in Brecon?  Is the bus service from Cyfarthfa Park to Brecon a public service or just for runners?  Is there a luggage drop in Brecon for pick-up in Merthyr after the run?  Many thanks.

  • hi same sort of questions has rm3033 and there is a bus from the park what time is it leaving. Will there definitely be entries on the day
  • Not connected to organising race but can give following answers
    Has been entries on day for at least last 10 years.
    Registration is in Brecon (it's in a community hall in Silver Street (i think that is the name of street but you better check that one)
    Bus service to Brecon is only for runners from outside Cyfartha Castle where there is room to leave car
    Yes they will transport luggage back to Merthyr for you
    If you need answer to any other questions ring Merthyr Borough Tydfil Council on 01685 725000 and ask for Mayor's Secretary - he/she will have all the details.
    Hope this helps
  • I've sent my application off so looking forward to doing mt first oneimage
  • Hi, everyone!  Survived the camping/ running trip to Llanberis! Still haven't entered this one, so better get it in gear!!
  • Steve J - many thanks for the info.  Hope to make it to the event.  I'll be the one crawling on hands and knees over the finish line.

  • Injured leg on Sunday in Guernsey marathon and had to jog/limp/walk the last 10 miles in finishing in over 4hrs 30 for a PW. Desperate to make it this weekend to keep my ever present streak going so hoping leg will improve fairly quickly (but not overly optimistic at present). I may well be joining you in crawling over the line!!
    Good luck if you make it Saturday 
  • Hi all  can confirm two buses from Cyfartha Park to start first leaving 10 30am.

    Luggage will be tagged and conveyed to the finish for  pickup. There is entry on day be patient  my wife doing this! Its in the scout hut at Silver Street Brecon.

    Ran the course last week end to put some markers down pretty wet up  there but nowere near as bad as last year.

  • many thanks. hope you all have a good 1.see u all sat.
  • Many thanks to all who helped organise this race - loved the course, marshalling, abundant water station and the coffee and sandwich at the end!!imageimageimage.

     Finished in 2.09 - will be back next year!!

    Only thing would say is that you need clearer info BEFORE race --- i spent ages waiting at Brecon to register this morning - planning to do this before going to Merthyr to park my car and bus back. Waiting in Brecon from 9am, assured by staff there that someone would turn up at 9.30, 10.00 etc - only to eventually find out from another runner that I needed to get to Merthyr BEFORE entering (??) and then enter after bus brought me to start - , found this out at 10.10- made it, but  hope I didn't get speeding ticket!!

  • Thanks for a great race! I really enjoyed it, although my leg hurt today from all the hills. And having some proper food at the end was a great touch (i personnaly hate energy bars/drinks at the end of races).

     I agree with Jasond about the info before the race, more details needs to go onto the website like directions to the castle, times for busses and start, facilites at start and finish (showers, toilets), how many water stations are there etc. I only managed to find this all out because a friend of mine had run the race before.

     Thanks again and i will be back next year, to hopefully beat my time of 2hrs 36mins!

  • Very enjoyable event with a character of its own compared to the handful of other organised events that I have taken part in.  No chip timing, no plastic bag of vouchers and claggy energy bars at the end.  The Mayor of Merthyr handed out the T-shirts as you crossed the line.  Great atmosphere.  I felt as though the race could have been taking place unchanged since 1920!  I hope it retains this feel in the future.  The cup of tea and sandwiches at the end was very welcome.

    It is a tough run, or in my case - jog, shuffle, walk, trot, trip, oh my goodness another hill, totter - over mixed terrain.  I take my hat off to the winners - or to anyone who actually ran the whole thing.  The scenery is superb, although it goes off a bit over the last couple of urban miles.

    I entered on the day and as a first-timer, there was a bit of an information void over registration/bussing arrangements.  Like jason d, I made a fruitless visit to Brecon first and then a frantic dash to Methyr for the bus - must have missed you by minutes jason!  The organisation was actually fine, the bus turned up in Merthyr and the post-run facilities were very good.  Support was sparse but enthusiastic and made a difference as did the friendly water-station crews.

    I intend to run this again next year.  Many thanks to the organisers for a very enjoyable day.

  • Im the organiser firstly many thanks for the positive feedback it really is appreciated.

    The situation re pre race information is noted and will be sorted next year.

    Regarding registration there was no need to dash to Merthyr, registration was allways going to be at Brecon, I believe the confusion was that we registred some at Merthyr whilst waiting for the bus to fill thinking it would speed up the process,sorry for the confusion. 

    Full results are on San Danomenico web site.

    Hope to see you all next year image  

  • Thanks RR - great day overall - I'll be back next yearimage
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