Dog off ultrasonic dog repeller

Whilst running in Turkey last year we had a number of close encounters with monster dogs. Not wishing to go through a similar experience this year, we looked for some sort of repellent that may deter them from attack. After having dispensed with the idea of lasers, thermonuclear weapons, etc, we came across the Dog off.
Has anyone tried one of these? Do they work? Could they scare off a determined hound of Dracula the size of a donkey? Any information would be appreciated.


  • mite be as well posting this on the gear forum
  • Hi

    I used one with mixed results.
    Some dogs seemed to balk away, other ignored it. With others it was hard to tell if they would have veered away anyway.

    In the end I got fed up carrying it and just changed my route to avoid dogs.
  • Our local postmen are issued with a 'dog dazer' which makes an ultrasonic noise (but i've never heard it!!). This apparently works, but i've never tried it.
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