FREE 5k Woodbank Parkrun, Stockport

A new event in the Parkrun series is starting on 22nd August 2009 at Woodbank park.

It's free to enter, all you have to do is register your details online before the event (makes things easier if you do it before the event) this only has to be done once and then just turn up to as many Parkruns as you like, enjoy a pleasant run through the park, give your name in at the end, voila, that's it, you will be emailed your time, postion etc........

Woodbank Parkrun

In the words of the great Bruce Forsyth......"Come on down, the price is right" or something like that


  • absolutely fantastic series of events!
  • I would agree with that.

    I have done the Bramhall parkrun and I would say that it is a great training session.

    I won't be able to make it on the 22nd as I am away but I will certainly try to do it next month.

    I wish there was a parkrun in nearer. Sefton Park or even Birkenhead Park.

  • I think the Parkrun organisation are always on the lookout for new events, they just need someone to volunteer to take it on. It surprises me that someone has not set one up in that area.
  • can you use the parkrun barcodes at this one?
  • Yes, there are barcode readers,  I was at Bramhall on Saturday and surprised at the size of the queue. hopefully there won't be that problem at Woodbank with the barcode readers in operation, having said that, it is the first one and Gremlins will be Gremlins.
  • does the route go up that flipping big hill ???


  • erm............... yes................maybe...............once or twice, but the tuck shop is open at the end  image

    the route starts off on the track, through Woodbank and down into Vernon Park and back up and is two laps and finishes on the track,

  • I did my first localish park run last saturday with my son and we were well impressed.........will be back there next weekimage
  • Good Luck on Saturday, I hope my demonstration of the Parkrun software and barcode last Friday with Paul helps with the Woodbank first event. If you do run on Saturday, print your barcode off and join that queue... it zips through.

    I introduced barcodes 2 weeks ago at Heaton parkrun and trust me it works a treat. make sure you use a laser printer (inkjet even on fine quality can prove impossible for the scanner to read)

    We organise two queues and the barcode queue zips through, last week of the 71 runners around 30 people had barcodes (Jealous people in the "speak your name" queue, could be heard promising to remember their barcode for next week.

    Again good luck and if you are in the North Manchester Area don't forget Heaton Parkrun

    Catch you later

    Mark Kelly
    ps FARNIE when you run woodbank, I wanna see your route on K?

  • 6th Anniversary this week - going well, I think people are getting used to the hill now image

  • 6th Anniversary this week - going well, I think people are getting used to the hill now image

  • I soooo need to get my backside in gear and get down to this....
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