(PRT) Pre Race Tension

Support needed.
Have just realised 10k Charity Fun Run I've entered only has 30 entries!
Race is tomorrow!
I've run/trained for 10 weeks and can run 9 min/mile. Have asked people to sponsor my run and want to run but am afraid to come in last!!! What do I do?


  • Goo5eGoo5e ✭✭✭
    for me just being able to finish would be an achievment, something I am looking forward to when I get fit enough ( only just started plodding )
    and also the charity that will benefit from your venture, they wont care where you finished, just thank you for making the effort and helping them.

    anyway, you may not be last
  • Hi, I had the same concerns but in a race of 5000 so think you're very brave! I would guess though that there will be others of a similar standard, (9 min/mile is quick in my book)! Or, at worst you may come last, but then someone does in every race and I've heard that they often get the biggest cheers.
    And besides, it's 'character building'! (sorry)
    Hope it goes well, let us know how you got on, good luck!
  • I'll take a guess that you won't come last if you can run 9min mile pace.

    Don't worry about there only being a few entries, there will probably be a number of people who enter on the day. If you do come last, console yourself with the thought that you've beaten millions of people who haven't bothered to run at all.
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    9min miles are not exactly slow CR! You will be fine don't worry. Just enjoy it!
  • just wrt immediate pre-race tension, waiting for the start of a big race, my HR sometimes sits at about 180 - b4 i've started moving!!
  • I'd be very surprised if you were last at that pace. You look around you at these races and everyone seems to be wearing either a running club vest or a t-shirt from past glories eg FLM and you're certain you're up against a posse of elite athletes....but you're not and the vast majority of the field will be around your pace.
  • 9 min a mile for a fun run is easily quick enough not to be last. You'll be fine.
  • Thanks for your support everyone. You made me smile and laugh by setting things into the right perspective!

    Just what I needed to release tension. Went for an easy run in local park yesterday. Azaleas and rhodedendrons are blooming right now. It's fantastic.

    Will enjoy my run today. Goal is under 1 hour. Have trained hard and am hoping to succeed.Thanks again, you've all got great sense of humour!
  • I am plodding in the Beverley 10K in about 2 hours from now. At this point I think the achievement is finishing.

    Based on my training runs on part of the course over the last couple of weekends my finishing time will be just over 72 minutes. Looking at last year's results this would put me at 949 out of 955. Doh!

    Never mind, I am doing this to participate and that's something the majority of the populace are not doing. Of course, if runners had weight handicaps to bring them up to my 15 stone + things might be different....
  • Some wisdom passed onto me when i was 8 (a long time ago) by some scary looking swimming instructor has stuck with my all these years. She told me the the most important person in any race was the one who came last. It is the person who is last (or behind you) that inspires you to swim (or run in this case) faster. Pride yourself on being the last person- you have the most important role!!!!
  • Came in top 30! ;-)
    (Last 10k I came in nr. 615).
    Achieved my goal,- got in at 57.42, even though there wasn't any mile-signs.
    Created a bit of drama, as I nearly overtook someone on the finishing line,- we came in 1 sec. apart!
    Raised £60 for British Heart Foundation, so I am pleased all in all.
    Made sure the last person got the loudest cheers, a big hug and told her of all your great wisdom.
    I had a lonely but great race thanks to you all, and I won't fear coming in last next time!
  • fantastic CR! We all knew you could do it! Go and reward yourself now!!
  • I was second to last at the coal race- happens to us all!
  • I have actually come in last for a 10k last year. This fact didn't particularly bother me, it was a lovely day and I was running well within myself. What did bother me was being followed by an ambulance for a large chunk of the race ... especially when it stalled behind me, made me chuckle ! Despite this I best my previous PB by 10 mins - my time 71 minutes and I ran(waddled) all the way.
  • I'm running the Chester Spring 5 next Tuesday and am already feeling nervous. Reading all your messages has made me feel more positive though. I only started running last September and did the Southport 4 on Good Friday in 37 mins 30 secs which I was really pleased with. 5 miles shouldn't be a problem but am having the same fears as CR did, scared that I'll be up against hard core club runners! I'll let you know how I get on.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    I don't mind too much having the ambulance on my heels the whole way. It's the vultures circling overhead which really put me off!
  • LOL, Ima,

    Good luck Susan!
    See if you can relax and put things into perspective. There is some top advice on this thread!

    I don't know who boinged it, but I'm pleased it is has been made alive and it can make you feel positive about the race.

    I'm in a running crisis myself, as I haven't run for several months.

    I was meant to run Paris Marathon on the 10th of April, but haven't been able to fit the training in. I was so much looking forward to seeing the sights.

    Anyway, it is good to be reminded of how I got started, how I have progressed and hopefully, it will give me that kick in the behind to get me restarted.
  • Cheers CR. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading stuff on this thread and am feeling tons better, I even went out yesterday lunch time and bought myself some running shorts and vest - I've been running in sweat pants up to now - so now I even look like a runner!!
  • Good stuff, Susan,

    It reminds me, that I am also in need of some new clothes and shoes. Actually, I think I will go and buy it today. I am sure that will bring me in the mood to try it all out!

    I remember when I took part in my first cross country run. I was alongside "hard core club runners".

    It turned out that they were "real people", they were equally nervous and had to do the same preparations as all the race virgins.

    A race well prepared is usually a successful race.

  • (Sueflo (formerly Susan Waring))

    Clothes and shoes shopping sounds good to me, go for it.

    I've ran 3 races up to now and they've all been really well organised and the runners have all been very friendly, so I'm sure this one will be the same.

    Cheers for the support and get training! Pity you'll miss the Paris Marathon but there'll be others.
  • first EVER race at the tender age of 37 having never run before. Entered RFLife in Bedford in July 05.
    Got a PT at Virgin Active in Northampton and managed (well almost died)a time of 33 minutes. Is that gonna make me last?
    Took running up to feel good about myself, but if i come last, my thoughts aren't gonna be good!
    Got a couple of months to train and am doing a 2 mile there, 2 mile back path (mostly uphill). Can manage the 2 mile there, just, but needing to walk half mile of so before starting to jog again.

    Does it get better? Any one out there do the 5k recently?
  • kim - 33 will DEFINITELY not make you last. a work colleague did RFL in Milton Keynes at the weekend after having a brain tumour removed about a year ago. she walked it (as a lot of women do) with her daughter in about an hour. she said there was one 80 year old lady who took 2 hours, so you won't be last.
    good luck with the Bedford race. i was going to do that one with my mother in law (will have to walk as she has arthritic ankles) as my mum lives nearby, but we are doing Richmond Park on 26th June.

    good luck, i did my first 5k last september (flora light (now hydroactive) women's challenge) and am doing another one this sunday! help!!
  • Hi Kim

    33 is a good time, don't worry. I started running last September and although I've only ran in 5 races up to now have always had a fear of coming last. The Chester Spring 5 I did at the beginning of April sorted that fear out though. I was up against hard core club runners (I thought I would be) and came 304th out of 309. I was well chuffed that I'd actually finished the race and the fact that I was in the last few didn't bother me at all. I had a really good race and felt good all the way round and the other runners (who had finished half an hour earlier!) were really supportive. I really wouldn't have minded if I'd have come last or not just finishing the race was a buzz.

  • thanks sueflo and tweetywhoateallthepies!

    I used to live near richmond park so know the area well - all hilly and rough terrain!!

    Saw the Milton Keynes RFL when passing at the weekend on route to shops and felt a rush and a buzz just looking at it, let alone knowing i'll be a part of it as well soon!

    Sueflo, the fact you are on your fifth race motivates me a great deal. if you carried on after the first race, it can't be that bad then!

  • Kim - no it's not that bad at all, I'm finding the more I run the better I feel which makes me want to keep on running. I'm running the Great Manchester 10K this Sat, will let you know how I get on.
  • good luck sueflo - thinking of you and cheering you on tomorrow!!
  • Cheers Kim - I meant Sun not Sat though, pre race tension has obviously kicked in!!
  • how did you get on sue? did you have a good race??
  • tweetywhoateallthepies

    hows your training comin along?
  • kimmy used to be kim freeman. changed name but still the same!!!
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