Sunday 16th August 2009

Wonder if anyone beats me this time image

Nope image

What : Really Long Run (30/40M)
Why : Last one before Ridgeway

Hope you all have a great day.


  • No denying it Joe, that really is a long run. Have a guddun.image

    Classic lyrics, though impossible to run along to.

    Happy Sundays All.image

  • Good morning people!

    Good grief Joe - I think I would die if I ran that far image 

    Thanks to everyone who welcomed me to this looked friendly so I thought i'd dive in and I was right image I'm a bit of a running newby - I'm doing the Great South Run in October as my first ever race and i think i've caught the bug now!!

     What - 10km later on this afternoon

    Why? To make sure it wasn't a fluke that I managed this on thursday, and because it's sunday so hubby can look after the kids and doing it this afternoon instead of now because I have a hangover image

    Lyrics - Of course!

  • Morning!

    Definitely all yours Joe - I succeeded in having a lie in.

    Jesse - I'm sure it wasn't a fluke. Make sure you drink enough before hand though, it's quite warm and dehydration will be more of a problem with having had a hangover and running in the afternoon.

    Des - what's on the treadie for you today or is it a rest day?

    What:                 long walk with the dog.
    Why:                   had a little run yesterday/recovery/schedule starts again tomorrow.
    Last rest:          14/8.
    Last hard:          8/8.

    Lyrics - I'd be embarrassed to admit otherwise!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning All.

    Yesterdays Lyrics were "5 Miles Out" by Mike Oldfield.

    Today's - Ah jasus come on!!!!!

    Thanks for the well dones yesterday. Unfortunately, I had a feed of Beer and wine last nite. I was first to wake to the Childrens early morning call and am sitting here watching Bob The Builder, drinking coffee, eating Weetabix and sobering up. I'll do 14 miles soon, but when the body is a bit better sorted out because its back to the grindstone today!!!!. 

    Joe - thats a long run - all the best for it!!!

    Jesse - welcome

    DesRes  - How long till you alight in Blighty

    TT - Semi day today. I've no doubt you'll be in the All-Ireland before evening!!.

    Mava - I've noticed some serious commuting with you and a few others on here. Its easy to say its not worth it but its an unfortunate essential to pay the bills.

  • morning all.

    hi hilly, good to see you

    Joe - rather you than me....

    What: 3.1 miles easy
    Why: just to see if I could
    Last hard: sleeping last night
    Last rest: from running, Friday

    Did a bit of internet research yesterday and am beginning to wonder whether my gut problems are candida overgrowth in the gut rather than IBS. Does anyone know anything about this?  Suits my symptoms very well, and I've really noticed how much worse my guts are when I eat sweet foods.  Slight problem being a marathon runner if that is my problem as a sugar free/low carb diet is what is required image

    Have a good sunday.

  • Morning

    JH: Nice long run, enjoy the Ridgeway ( The pasties at Bray are good!)

    Paddy: Very impressive sir. Well done

    What: 8 miles in 60 mins on the tready d & d
    Why: Uping the anti again
    Last Hard: Yesterdays death march
    Last Rest: Friday
    Lyrics: Of course

    Someone keyed the side of my car over the weekend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Grr.

  • Afternoon all, my first post onto one of these threads !

    Unlucky Dubai dave, hope its not too costly to put right.
    J Hawk, Rather you than me for now, i totally echo mava's sentiments image

    Hey JesseB

    and Hello to everyone else not personally acknowledged.

    What : 14.5Km - ( not admitting my time lol - been running only 3 months )

    Why: in preperaration for coming last in a local 16km run, can't wait

    Last Hard: 14/8
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Lyrics / Songs - a mixture of Wacko Jacko and various 80's funk

    good sunday all, i'm off to a car boot sale to pick-up some bargains
  • Afternoon,

    Lyrics - "You, yes you, stand still laddie".  (That's the track inbetween Parts 1 and 2).

    JH - that's definitely a long run!

    What: well, I was going to say long run, but now I'll just say 13M
    Why: half-mara training
    Last hard: just done it
    Last rest: Thursday

  • Afternoon all.

    JH - Very impressive!

    DD - That happened in Dubai?

    What: 14.3 miles
    Why: Endurance
    Last hard: 4 days
    Last rest: 1 day
    Lyrics: Yes

    Little legs seemed quite happy with that, so I'm thinking that normal endurance is probably regained. Got to get the speed back now...
  • 40 Mins

    Its not the haven of low crime & vandalism that the press would have you believe, there are yobs and criminals the world over. The really frustrating part is that to get a scratch sprayed you first have to get a police report as garages aren't allowed to do any repairs with out a report!

  • DD - That just makes a bad situation even more annoying!
  • Afternoon sports fans, we have internet issues so limited access indeed.

    So this was a big weekend for me as yesterday I rode to the NHTT and ran 19 mins for the 5km.

    Today was the Castle Combe Duathlon.

    Mission was 2 controlled runs and a good bike resulting in 8 miles run in 2 days and NO leg pain.

    Result was 18th overall and no pain in the leg. Back is killing me as I get used to running again though.

    What: Duathlon AM d&d
    hour on the bike PM
    Why: big test the leg weekend
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: I may have one when I run more often
    Lyrics: yeah

    Nice run JH, must admit that I am not missing those long runs as much as I thought I would.

  • I managed somewhat over 30 but not much more.

    It was pretty comfortable pace wise and ended up having a very nice time.

    Ran over to Saville Gardens on the side of Windsor Great Park (about 8M) to meet up with some people for a long run. I missed the group I was planning on running with DOH , but ran with the 8:30 group who where doing around 10M rather than 20M.

    A nice big loop in the great park taking in Virginia Water and the polo fields and the copper hourse at the top of the long walk (11.5M). Then cake stop image

    And then back home with a bit of a zigzag in the great park down the long walk up to the castle then down to the Thames path back to Dorney and then cutting back down Jubille river home (about 12).

    A because the pace was fairly slow I still feel good and may nip out for another couple this evening to get the 40M.

    DD - Thats a bugger image

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    DD - Thats disgusting suppose no chance of them getting caught

    Joe - You made m jaw hit the floor thugh should be used to it by now

    Hello Jesse and Tectona

    Gobi -Sounds positive

    Paddy - Well done great to achieve a long waiting target

    What: 8.31 miles (though felt like 18)
    Why: Long run (for me)
    Last Hard: Today
    Lyrics: Yes of course

  • Afternoon all,

    JH - well done! Nice to be able to rattle off that distance feeling lively enough to go out for another 10 just to make the sums right. At present I'd be dead chuffed if I managed that distance spread over two weeks, but hey, we each climb our own little mountains.

    SGQ - no fear - 13 miles is Long. Say it.

    40min - you are sounding chirpy and positive too, good to hear.

    DD - grrrrrr why do people do such things?

    Tectona - welcome. I doubt you will be last.

    JesseB - welcome also. Good run. In the early days it is easy to expect improvement every week, partly because sometimes you do see improvement every week for a while. It is equally important to read the information that you get back from your body, and when it starts protesting, figure out ways to work in a bit more rest without losing the ground you have gained. Keep posting. There lots of guys here with huge experience.

    Me? about 10k as well, down to the Sailing Club. Sundays will become long run days, so today was a sort of dress rehearsal for a long run, running 3.5/1.5 run/walk, keeping the speed down (which wasn't hard, for the first 5 miles, legs felt v. stiff), so as not to get too tired. Legs came to life after 5 miles (now is that weird, or is that weird), and then it was a bit difficult to keep pace down.

    It should have been a sailing day, but back has been problematic, didn't want any surprises. Got the boat out on the water, had a quick sail, and decided I just didn't dare. It wasn't all that windy, but windy enough that numb legs couldn't get me to the other side of the boat in time. Might have worked had my crew been available, but she is on the bench too at the moment, so we packed the boat up again and just enjoyed the morning.

    Hope everyone else is having a good one too.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Well done Gobi, improving nicely without pain is a very good sign..

    Been in Greek Island of Thassos all week, resting.... well only clocked 25m which is a good rest for me, other that falling in style again down hill on a track, that hurt... OUCH indeed, then to wash all the dust, blood and bits off went for a swim in the sea..... Salt and open cuts.... ouch.... by the double....

    Back to hard training tomorrow.....

    Lyrics...... any hammers around....!

  • JH,even 30ml on a hot day is pretty good; sounds like a pleasant route

     Gobi well done on the duathlon

    stickless, it always takes my legs at least 3ml to wake up

    RFJ, ouch, but the salt water will have been good to heal the cuts

    What: 5.5ml easy; I hadn;t eaten properly last night and was completely glycogen depleted despite only running 5ml.;
    then: discus competition.  I'd hope for a PB which I'm sure I'm capable of, but 3 poor throws and a no throw,. Dissapointed with that

  • Good evening everyone,

    Stickless: That sounds a most civilized Sunday but for the back problem. Best not to antagonize an issue. I am monitoring your progress with a certain admiration. Keep at it.

    Welcome Tectona, now that is an interesting nickname. I once sailed an old sail training ship with that name. Any connection?

    That really sucks DD, chop their hands off I say.

    40: Nice mileage dude!

    Joe: Really nice mileage dude!

    Hey Paddy, last three weeks all being well. Never believe it until I'm on the flight though. Hope to be home for a 10K race three weeks today.

    Mava: You really have some ups and downs girl. Not a clue about your guts but can offer some sympathy. Nothing worse than a dicky tummy.

    Hi LMH: Last week's training was a bit messed up due to work, though I got the miles in. That's had a knock on effect to this week where today should have been a long run. Instead did 60mins / 8 miles followed by circuit training. Have reworked the plan for this week so that we're back on track by next Sunday. ("back on track", geddit?, I mean the hamster wheel, oh forget it....)

    Pammie: Keep at it! Do you feel to be picking up?

    Gobi: Result!

    jesseB: Don't overdo it. See you at the GSR!

    RFJ: Welcome home, ouch.

    TMR: Oh dear.

    Enjoy what remains of your weekends....

  • Hey guys

    thanks for the welcome all

    Stickless - i hope i am not last, but previous results etc and the pretty high level of the participants would indicate i may well be. if i am i am so be it. i will enjoy the open air and scenic views and wear my new technical t-shirt with pride lol.

    DesRes - the name was a combination of a couple things while at uni 10 years ago, it intrigues a few people every now and then. On this occasion the inspiration was not a training ship. i did find out that Tectona refers to some type of hard wood, however it has no meaning to me other than a nickname that has a catchy sound to it which rolls of the tongue. i;ve used the nick for over 10 years now, use alternatives every now and then on various sites, but don't have same ring to it.

    Joe Hawk - Nice run, i aspire to running those distances

    I really appreciate running from the short time i=ve been doing it. The fact you can always improve and set yourself new goals, a challenge of not just physical but also mental ability.
  • Afternoon all,

    been awol for a few days with the DIY: we finished the kitchen just in time for the parental arrival and it looks fab. All red and beautiful. It meant running took a back seat, but my mara's not until November, so that's ok. I managed 5 on Monday and 3 on Saturday morning, and then:

    What: 12 miles easy
    Why: long runs building up
    Lyrics: of course

    Joe- wow, that sounds like a great long run.

    Gobi, good to see you building the miles. 

    Nice to see Hilly's been in: must read back.

    Good runnings all.

  • Two words - Usain Bolt!!!!
  • Stickless - sounds like good use of a day. Hope the back doesn't give you too much gyp.

    Some good long runs going on.I hope to be back to it soon - if not Abingdon is going to be painful!

    Des -I got it image I think you'll enjoy the GSR,I did it in my first year back running, well organised, flat and fsat - depending on the wind. You're doing some long training runs for a 10k though - what else do you have in mind?

    Hi Tectona.

    IM - you're making me feel guilty,I keep meaning to start some decorating but don't seem to get round to it..............did manage some hedge trimming this afternoon though, though I'd better get it done before I've finished recovering and restarted training.

    RFJ - ouch.

    Gobi - glad to hear that the return to running continues successfully.

    That's it - my memory capacity has now been exceeded - sorry if I've missed anything/one.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Bolt was fast!!!!

    Anyone hear if Paula Radcliffe is giving the Marathon a shot. I think she was running in NY this weekend and it depended on how that went?

    DD - Bad luck. I thought we had the monopoly on fookers like that in this part of the World.

    TT - Have a look at this. Tipp looking good - I'm beginning to think that you's have a real chance. 

    Nice run Joe.

  • Hi Little miss happy

    Bolt was incredible, really enjoyed that race, to hear the commentators state "bolt believes he can achieve a 9.4" after tonight's performance the relative ease in which he won. Would you doubt this ever happening ?

    Paddy Murray 2 - i've heard no news on the marathon next weekend, i did hear she won the half marathon and the foot held up well. if the event is on a track, surely she would be ok to run. i am confused by where its being run.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Des - Thanks thin i am back but am not counting any chickens but it all looks promising

    Paddy from what i've heard she's flying in to Berlin where she'll discuss things with her coaching team depends how her foot holds up in the next few days providing there is no delayed reaction. She'll probably make her decision within a few days.
    Though i don't relish the idea f a marathon in the middle of the day

    Tectona - race will be on the roads of Berlin not sure of the route though
  • Here's the theory LMH, did a 42min 10K in April on the back of 25 miles per week training whilst here last trip. I've now doubled the distance,plus more. Trying to build strength and stamina to make it all a little easier and bust the 40 minute mark. Also booked for a 1/2 Marathon trail, Saab Salomon @ Rivington ,19th Sept. That won't be a fast race due to the course but whatever the time it will be a PB, I don't have a 1/2M time! GSR is towards the end of October so might fit in one more race sometime midway. Warrington 1/2M is 5th Oct so that could be on...we'll see how the body holds out.image. I'll be back to work by mid November but "Hell Up North" holds some appeal before shipping out!

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