I need a new camera

I've been checking out various websites etc, but there's too much out there.

I don't want anything too small or compact as my fine motor skills aren't all that hot.  Having said that i don't want anything too big with separate lens'.    Ideally built in zoom, built in flash, automatic focus, carry strap for shoulder and a viewfinder.  I must have a viewfinder.  Can never see anything in them little square screens, plus rechargable battery pack.

I think that's about it.  Oh, and budget around £400.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • LWJ, I have one of these, cost was close to £500 when I got it but now it's £150 cheaper. Excellent quality of camera and not too fidley for sausage finger users like myself.

    Fuji Finepix S100FS

    Get down to a Jessops or London Camera Exchange or a decent camera shop and ask for advice and get the feel of a camera before buying though. Treat it the same as buying your running shoes.

  • I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ6 a month ago, its fantastic and gets great reviews on most of the sites I checked. Its in the higher price bracket for compacts, and not one of the smallest compacts but will fit in your pocket/purse easily.

    Best features are 12x optical zoom and 10.1 mega pixels.
  • oooo yes, those Lumix are the doggies doodahs - very nice
    Too late for me thoughimage
  • BB, Gaz, thank you, i appreciate that.  I haven't got a clue with cameras.  I've printed off info on them both and will go into Jessops in the week. 

  • Not a big expert, but I've been very happy with the 3 megapixel low end Fuji I've had for years, and intend to get another Fuji... (though with a higher spec!)  I've had a fair few compliments for my pictures even with that!

    I remember years ago I spent days trying to work out why the photos a friend was emailing me ended up with distortions on the image.  Turned out it was nothing she was doing, just her camera... that was a Cannon of similar spec to mine!  I think it was a Fuji she got next...

  • Thanks Rowan. 
  • Bouncing Barlist, has your camera got a viewfinder?
  • Mine's a 10mp Panasonic Lumix too - brilliant image
  • LWJ- did you want a regular digital camera, or a digital SLR one?

    I have had a Canon Ixus 750 for the last couple of years which I'm very happy with, but it would be too compact for you. Canon is a very reliable brand.

  • Inky Fingers wrote (see)
    Bouncing Barlist, has your camera got a viewfinder?
    No it doesnt, though ive found the 2.5 inch LCD screen works just fine, maybe a little glare with the sun on it but havnt found it to be a problem.
  • Thanks Sass and Moomoo.   Will have a look at them shortly.

    Moomoo - We have an Olympus digital compact something or other at the moment.   I always use the viewfinder but everything i take always looks too far way when we transfer the pictures to the pc or have them printed.  I never use to have that problem with the old 35mm cameras, what i saw was what i got!  Do you get the frame as you actually see it with the digital SLR's? 

  • LWJ -= I gottapentax digi SLR and yes you get what you see in frame and you have inter-changable lenses just as a 35mm SLR. Digi  ones are great but I do miss film.
  • I have same camera as Barley and am very happy with it. I poured a glass of rose over it last night and it's still working so it's durable!!
  • Hoose - with interchangeable lenses do you have to manually focus?   I was asked to take the company camera on a trip last year.   I was given a 30 second training session i.e. pick it up, zoom in/out press button.   Unfortunately the person using it before me had left it on manual focus.  150 photos and not one was decent enough to use in the company brochure or on the website. image

    Pig - that sounds my sort of camera. .  Could you just try out some white wine on it?   That is a good point though.   We just want something decent for family snaps, bit of sight seeing etc, so the camera will undoubtedly get left where drinks are about.

  • on mine you can set it to manual or auto focussing. I like manual for effect and it feels like and old slr then. Some are auto focus only but I find em a pain. Guess if you just wanna point and shoot auto is OK.
  • I spent years hanging on to my SLR, But changed to a digital one before our trip to Nepal... Wouldn;t swap back now for anything.

    My Olympus DSLR is a great camera, super lenses, and all the gadgets I want... And with the big flash memory card I can shoot 1600 pictures....

     Had the discussion at the weekend, "Do I take better photos ? or just hat I shoot so many  I  must have a couple of half decent ones ?"

  • Dave what model have you got?  Our current one is an Olympus compact thingy, but a little too small for me.  I know exactly what you mean, do we taken decent photos or take loads and sort through. 

    This has been going on in my household since January.  There is just so much out there.

  • LWJ

    good place to look at all sorts of Cameras

    I've just upgraded my old Canon DSLR for a  Canon 5D Mark II and I'm a very happy boy!!!

    I'd look at a entry level DSLR if i was you, and if you use it a lot you can always upgrade your lens and you'll have a great start in the world of photography when you start playing with all it's manual settings!!!

  • If your fine moptor control isn't fab I'd stay away from the dinkier models.  My Dad and I spent *hours* choosing cameras the last time we both bought them (mostly because we love them!) and though I went for a digital SLR with interchangeable lenses he went for a 'compact' camera that looks a bit like a digital SLR.  They both have auto focus, great zooms, take beautiful pictures but he didn't feel a need to alter his lenses, so he doesn't.

    He has a Sony a bit like this one:


    Its Sony because we know someone who works for them, so get a good deal, but the Panasonic Lumix similar was pretty close.  It gives you the option of lots of manual settings and you have a viewfinder to look through, rather than just using the rear screen, which I like.

    I do think that you definately need to go and play with a few cameras, to get a feel for the set-ups.  I'd head for smaller independant or London Camera Exchange shops too.  Much better informed staff, in my opinion.

    I love my DSLR (I bought a Nikon as it uses my pre-existing lenses) but my Dad's is a fabulous camera and unless you have a burning desire to frequently fiddle with aperture, exposure and the art of interchaging lenses, then you're way better off with a half-way house.

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