Alistiar Brownlee wins again

......................he would make a really excellent 10K runnerimage

Seriously good performance again from a very talented all round athlete



  • I was thinking about the time.........I thought that his 10k time was faster than the women in the world championships............

    so which is faster a 10k on the roads or a 10k on the track??

  • I think the fact that he is the No. 1 ranked 10K road runner in Yorkshire and ranked number 8 in the UK shows his pedigree at 10K.

    As TS says, if only he'd give up the micky mouse tag on events he might give Mo farah a run for his money.image

  • Please dont post the ladies result ive only just watched the mens race on iplayer and luckily saw the finish about 30 minutes ago.

    Well done Alistair
  • I'm watching on i-player too!

    Been watching intermittently all day.

    Did my first tri yesterday which was Oly distance - this race is a TOTALLY different game!

  • The 10k isn't accurate- official triathlon guidelines allow a variation of up to 10% in the race distances so a "10k" could be anywhere from 9k to 11k.

    Claims from yesterday that he ran 2915 sesem unlikely as his best ever officially measured 10k in a top quality race is about 29:30. Similarly I think Will Clarke was timed at 27:45 for 10k at the London Triathlon- his best is about 30 minutes in a properly measured race. 27:45 would have him as fast as Farah!

     Brownlee is regardless a very good runner - especially for his age- in his year group he's probably number one- though there are a couple that could beat him if they get uninjured for long enough (Pepper (used to be here!) and Deighton spring to mind) but he's not in the same class yet as Vernon from the year above. 

     Smart too- got into Cambridge for Medicine but left in his first term to train harder whilst at Leeds.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    He'd make a really good British 10k runner but the step up to world class is a big one - as a triathlete he's already world class.   

    They really need to sort triathlon out so the cycling isn't just a club run to get you to the run though - either the courses have to be hilly and technical or better make cycling the final discipline.   

  • K9 wrote (see)

    I'm watching on i-player too!

    Been watching intermittently all day.

    Did my first tri yesterday which was Oly distance - this race is a TOTALLY different game!

    Way to go K9

    Did you enjoy it?

  • I think so Silent Assassinimage

    Apart from sheer terror and tears before the start and a near drowning in the first third of the swim...

    It was hard. Harder than I'd anticipated when i entered it. Psychologically as well as physically.

    I've just put a report of sorts on the IM Germany thread if you can be bothered to read it.

  • He is an excellent 10K runner, he doesn't need to give up cycling or swimming.

    What's wrong with being a top-class triathlete? Just as valid as track & field!
  • I reckon he is a better bet for olympic gold at tri than 10000 meters ? He gets gold and the funding rolls in...

  • Quite an amusing thread on Tripetalk about this.
  • Brownlee was excellent he broke the rest on that 10k, really good run. Tim don had a good race too.

    I could'nt believe the 2 numptys that did an extra lap on the bike, omg you'd be kicking yourself after that image

    Why did they use road bikes and not triathlon bikes?

  • "Why did they use road bikes and not triathlon bikes?"

    I have noticed this in a few tri's. Anyone any ideas ?
  • no penis helmets either
  • In draft legal races they are only allowed to use mini clip on tri bars, also with being able to draft there is no benefit from riding an full aero setup.
  • Arr k that makes sense, now that you mention it a couple of the guys did have short tri bars.

    Cheers for clearing that up image

  • Olympic distance tri for the elites is more like a bunch road race than a time trial.
  •'s gone all tri talk techie stuff nowimage

    As a complete novice looking in it did seem to me that the bike section was merely a good warm up for the more talented runners to be ready to take to their feet and run fast!!
    Given the devious ways in cycling to get the preferred rider to the right position - domestiques, the peleton ganging up on breakaways with multiple leaders and drafting to reduce workload and so on it may always be so and so the run assumes ever greater importance.

    I did see  Brownlee win the very hilly 7 mile 2008 Chevin Chase in 37:19 from his younger brother and he was a very good looking road runner over an extremely tough course

  • Yeah that course was just too flat to break up the bike leg - but I cant see any other way that 2012 will turn out - that part of London doesnt have a hill in it that could split the pack - as far as i know ?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I can't understand why they don't put the bike leg last.   You'd still get drafting but at least the bike leg wouldn't just be a way of getting from the swim to the run.   Even on a flat course It'd be worth attacking on the bike to get a small lead because you wouldn't have to hold anything back - at the moment you could put it all in to get a 10 second lead on the bike and end up losing minutes on the run because of the effort.   It could be a really exciting TV sport but it nearly always ends up as a second rate foot race.   

  • Unconventional ! But imagine a bunch of triathletes sprinting out for the win. It would be very messy ! image

  • These shorter, knockout races as featured on IMTalk are a buch better spectator sport: image
  • 5 wins out of 5 in the World Tri Events. BBC News

    Well done Mr Browmlee imageimageimageimage

  • And his younger brother Jonathan is going after the junior title tomorrow too. Looking good for GB triathlon's future.
  • I now claim first prize in the prediction stakesimage 


  • It's a pretty awful spectator sport, isn't it? Bunch of identical robots splash round lake, then "de-robot" and jump on bikes for a few gentle laps of honour to please the crowd, then the skinny ones run off and leave the hefty ones looking like weekend joggers. Thankfully it's a little more interesting as a participation sport.

    Could they do it as a time trial?

  • i like the idea of a time trial to see which is best but then its not as exciting and would take ages to do............

    briliant race

  • i still wonder why drafting is allowed at elite level but not at crap it to do with international rules 

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