Alistiar Brownlee wins again



  • Dreamtwister wrote (see)

    Love the Brownlees. Great Yorkshire lads. Hate this sport. It's an absolute farce, and until someone gets a grip of it, it always will be. The Brownlees are great runners. Jonny ran excellent this year at the inter-counties x country and they both have an excellent pedigree going back to their youth. National x-country etc.

    The first 2 elements are all but pointless. Phelps wouldn't be able to stay away from a group after a swim, and Wiggins would struggle to leave a group on the bike. It's laughable.

    Make the bike leg extremely hilly to eliminate drafting, and as already been said, put it first, then the swim and run. The sport will change drastically tho. No more fat boys!

    Ever put on a wetsuit when you've been sweaty DT?

  • Dreamtwister wrote (see)

    The top 3 would have still been the top 3 if there had been no swim or bike. I have no doubt about that.

    That's probably true in the Olympic Games, but that's because the other sub-30 10k runners (like Adam Bowden) aren't good enough triathletes to make the Olympic team.  It's certainly not always the case at all world cup events.

    I'd be interested in seeing how a swim-run-bike race went though.  Would the gaps at the end of the run be big enough to keep everyone dispersed during the bike, or would the fact that the quickest runners would be conserving something for the bike mean that bunch sprint at the end of the race is inevitable? 


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Enjoyed watching it and phenomenal performances from the Brownlees but got to agree with those who say the run is far too important compared to the swim and the bike.    

    Stick the bike last - it makes sense - at the moment there's just no incentive to be a better cyclist than is good enough to sit in the bunch - yes you'd have to be good to do that but not world class.   Isn't it that case that they talent spot the young triathletes on their swim and run potential rather than cycling - that does suggest it needs shaking up to make the bike of equal importance - plus it'd make it a sight more exciting for spectators.    You'd probably get some riders coming together in small groups but not a bunch sprint - and it'd make for more interesting tactics on the bike leg.

  • Who says you have to have all three disciplines equal ? It is what it is. If you put the bike at the end you'd have people saying it was too much about the bike. Sprinters would win too much ?

    Ultimately the last leg is where the medals go - so that's what you need to be strongest at.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I'm saying they should be equal - or at least close to equal - otherwise why bother having the bike at all ?   Agree that the last leg is where the medals are decided at the moment - but it's only really the last leg historically - if they'd developed triathlon as an Olympic distance drafting event would they have stuck the run last ?   

    I just think if you stick the bike last you give people with different strengths more of a chance - it adds interest and it adds spectator value - so the question would be why wouldn't you change it except for tradition ?

  • Cos it would be mayhem watching triathletes trying to bunch sprint like cav ?

    Actually you may have something there !!!
  • Cougie you hit nail on the head, which ever goes last run or bike then people would say its all down to the last Disapline out of three. The reason why no one gets away in the bike leg is because everyone knows riding a lone with a pack chasing you would be to much hard work leaving you nothing for last Disapline. Some times in sport you get an that comes along and makes it look easy, well that's Alistair at the moment. So instead of re-inventing the wheel (race) just sit back and enjoyimageimage
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Not true though surely - sticking the bike last wouldn't negate the advantage of being a better runner as sticking the run last negates the advantage of being better on the bike.  

    A good runner that could get a 3-4 minute lead would have an incentive to work hard on the bike to maintain that - as would the guy 3-4 minutes behind who wanted to catch the leader.   Yes groups would form - there would be an element of tactics and to an extent luck as to whether you dropped in a group or not - but it'd at least mean there was an advantage from being a better cyclist than someone else.    It'd also make it a lot more exciting to watch.   

  • The change of rule that allowed drafting has undermined the significance of the bike leg.

  • I bet the Ali Brownlee would do pretty well at a 5150 non drafting race too, in fact id go as far to say he wouldnt be beaten. he is very strong at all three thats why he wins!!!

  • +1 Doozer
  • If drafting was to be banned on the bike shouldn't it equally be banned in the swim? If drafting is allowed I don't think the bike could be last. Tactics will form whatever the order. You'd have breakaways on the run being swallowed up by the pack on the bike and everyone would cross the line together in a big mess. I don't think its much different from iron distance events in that one sport is much more important than the others. Here its running, with ironman its biking.

  • 1) Don't think it needs fixed.

    2) If it was to be changed then could they not go Swim, Then 30k on a bike, the Run, then 10k on a bike - so last leg on bike short enough to hold a lead from the run, long enough to be able to catch if on a bike but no real time for hanging around to form a group?

  • What about fencing in T1, jumps on the bike and shooting during the run?

  • You could have someone's eye out, making people transition in the middle of a mass fencing match... (the idea sounds fun other than that) 

  • I like the shooting idea image although you might get someone who's good at shooting and then would win image wouldn't be fair on the rest.
  • Be interesting to see how Alistair Brownlee gets on at Hyvee non drafting 5150 this weekend.  i predict a podium finish that will prove he is a great all round triathlete and not just a top runner.

  • I say he will win quite comfortably. There will be quicker guys on the bike but they won't get near him on the run or probably even the swim. 

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