Blimey that man can move!



  • Unbelievable.  Made me laugh watching Tyson gay checking things around like a spoilt child - you have to respect what Usain Bolt did.  As an adopted Jamaican I am well pleased.

    Well done to Jess Ennis also.

  • Fantastic. So emotional for Jess, esp after last year.

    What's so incredible is how Bolt maintains his speed... His rate of fatigue is so much less than his competitors. He who fatigues less, wins.

  • Massive well done to Jess too, after her year last year. We have our very own World Champ in Sheffield image who says the north's not great?!

    Bolt really does make it look effortless. Legend!
  • Once upon a time it was all about the 'dip' to the line.  Not anymore.  There's clear daylight between him and his competitiors!  Quite remarkable.  he worked up more of a sweat on his lap of honour than on the 100m!
  • What a man!!! Well done to Jess as well, what a wee start she is! Roll on 2012....going to be FAB!
  • I couldn't believe it when I saw the timeimage Fantastic end to the day with Jessica's great win and Bolt. Jess was awesome the way she fought to win the 800m even though she didn't need to win the Goldimage
  • When I saw Tyson Gay "only "  couple of metres behind I assumed it wasn't that good a time - then I caught sight of  the time in the corner of the screen.  Gay was only two hundredths off the old world record which had a lot of people gasping last summer - so still an amazingly good performance by him as well.
  • I watched it when I got in tonight, really pleased for Jess, she seems a really nice girl and obviously puts a lot of hard work in.

    As for bolt...............................................amazing! Thing is he looks like he's still playing, I reckon he's got more in the tank yet. I don't see anyone other then him breaking his records anytime soon, if ever!

  •  Jessica Ennis 10/10 ***

    Usain Bolt  10/10 * could try harder image

    Don't think his last 25m was as good as it could be. If he sorts that out he could go far. He says he could do 9.4, and I can't see any reason why not. The question is what are the others and the next generation of sprinter going to do about it?

  • I think the next generation of sprinters are going to be rather tall.....
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Well done Jessica - what a star.  After all her injury problems, it must be sooooo satisfying to realise your potential. 

    And Bolt - wow, what a run.  I was speechless. There's definitely faster to come.  Looking forward to the 200..................

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