Why's my foot REALLY sore

My right foot has been a bit niggly for the last couple of weeks but not enough to stop me running. Did stop me wearing highish heels tho'. Any way I found last nights run hard going and today my foot is killing me. The pain is mainly concentrated in the toe area and over the top of the foot but it's hard to pinpoint exactly where. It seems to radiate from somewhere. It throbs when I'm not using it and can be agony when I put weight on it. Just occasionally it seems to be going and then comes back again. I've upped my milage recently, and joined a club where the workout is tougher than I'm used to. Could I have a stress fracture or is it likely to be something else..and what should I do.....just as I thought I was seeing some improvement in my stamina too.. :0(

...oh I'm also a bit overweight but not dreadfully so..


  • shoes worn out? could be a very viable cause. is it in the arc part of the foot? if so, i advise new trainers, now. at least go and try a pair on, and take them home to try around the house, your foot may feel better instantly, in which case you would know if you have fopund the source of the problem.
  • it could be a stress fracture, also, though. you need to take a little time off and do some non weight bearing exercise. dont worry about, say, 3 days off, in fact that might even result in an improvement when you resume. try a few days off, even tho it might drive u mad! good luck!
  • Hi SP
    Sorry to hear about your injury. I'd get it checked out - sooner you find out what's up, sooner you get back running. I got injured in Xmas week just as I was building up mileage for FLM. Wasn't allowed to run for 4 weeks but my trainer made me do equivalent time of my daily runs in the gym on CV equipment (2 1/2 hours on a Sunday!). Upsides were I lost almost no fitness and I found a new fun thing to do - RPM - I love it! Good luck.
  • SP - I totally agree with Shirl, get it checked ASAP. Pain at rest is not a good sign, as V-Rap said the other day.
  • Hi SP

    Sorry to hear of your injury, but you really do need to get it sorted out sooner rather than later, you could be causing yourself more injury problems ignoring it and would have to be out for longer.

    When I recently injured myself I had to take three weeks out and not run. I am glad I did as I was also unable to walk without pain. I am now back after doing swimming and weights to keep up my fitness and enjoying running more than ever.

    Good luck.
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