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I'm currently training for Beachy, and have been having a few problems with my knees - mainly the left one. I did a 17 mile LSR on Saturday and both my knees started feeling a little twingey about halfway round. I continued and they were a bit achey on and off for the remainder of the run - but nothing out of the ordinary.

By the time I got home, they felt really tight, stiff and sore - and almost like my kneecap wanted to move downwards and say hello to my shin. I did the usual ice bath thing, but my left knee still felt hot, and I had some fluid on it, on the inner side slightly below my kneecap. i RICEd it, it hurt like hell for the rest of the day but was absolutely fine the following day. This has happened once before on an LSR, so I changed from my Roclites back to Nimbus to give myself a bit more cushioning.

This is the first marathon I've trained for, I run on reasonably hilly/undulating ground - is this normal? Should I be worried? And considering it's perfectly fine the next day, am I doing myself any damage?


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    Not that I have anything intelligent to offer, but thought I'd give this a shove in case somebody else can help.  Do you do any other exercise apart from running?  I got runners' knee a while ago, basically because my quads were too strong whilst the little muscles at the side (can't remember what they were called) were too weak , so were pulling the kneecap out of alignment.  Might be that?

    If so the solution was to lift the leg up and down with a weight on it.  I used my handbag!

  • Oh ITBS? Yes, I had the beginnings of that a few months back, but it's been fine since I've been doing the leg raises you mentioned and ITB stretches.

    Thanks Hash image I do weights and some cross training in the gym, and a lot of walking, but not much else. I might try stepping up with the leg raises. My legs are getting noticeably more muscular at the front and back, so maybe I should step up the leg raises a bit...and maybe getting new shoes will also help image

  • i got the same symptoms when i swapped my old trainers(brooks gts9) for asics gel kayano 15. turned out  i should have broke the new shoes in more gently.only said this cos you mentioned swapping shoes? 
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