Boston Six and Twelve Hour Races

was wondering if anyone else was doing this?

 I am just doing the 6 hour option and was wondering how to pace it?  I have done a couple of 30 milers off road where I have walked the checkpoints/muddy bits but this one is not so obvious!

I have done a few marathons as training runs and when going at steady pace I take about 4.30 feeling I could keep going for more but dont think I could do another 1.5hours! Would something like have a walk for a few mins every 3rd lap (each lap is 1mile) be about right?


  • Hellen,

    Well done on getting this started.

    Your plan seems like a good one, try it on a long training run and see how it feels.

    I will not be at Boston this year, having run the previous track races there. I shall be in Gothenburg doing a 6 day race!

  • wow. thats well hard core pam, good luck

    no more long runs to try  it  on between now and then pam!!

  • O.K. then try it on a short one!
  • I hadn't realised this was in the park this year - very pretty image.  I might just come and cheer you on
  • minardi,

    I presume you are local. Why are you not running then?

  • was thinking the same myself!!!! image
  • 6 hours!!! 6 hours!!! I could be in the pub image.  That's a point - have you got a map of the route around the park i.e. does it take in The Marina ?  Then I could be tempted....
  • The organiser said the info would be posted today so assume I will get it tues or wed, will let you know.  How big is the park? I grew up in boston and my mum still lives there but not aware of this park!
  • The park  itself isn't huge - the entrance is beyond Boston Town FC (off Tattershall Road), but there is a wonderful path along the riverbank which goes from the marina, through the park and up to Antons Gowt - and just last year they opened another couple of miles so you can now go to The Ferry Boat (or is it the Ferry Bridge?) at Brothertoft.  Take a bucket or something and you can pick blackberries on your way round image
  • Antons gowt brings back memories!! When my parents split up that is where dad would always take us (to the pub) for a meal when he saw us!! Is the pub still there!!
  • The Malcom Arms by the lock - used to be called something else - some sort of tree?  It's a bit image but it's still there!
  • In previous years we have stayed overnight in a Travelodge and done a bit of sightseeing in the area. We know the town centre and of course the running track, having run round it for 12 hours we know that quite well!

    Is this park within walking distance of the railway station as one of the guys is travelling down from Glasgow by train?

  • Its a while since I lived in Boston Pam and I tended to cycle everywhere! I think if someone had a heavy case then get a taxi, if not then it is prob walkable.  The train station is near asda , a few mins from the police station and prob about 5 mins walk from boston stump if that helps! I am familiar with the train stattion but am a bit vague about where the start is.

    Is your friend landing in at the train station on the morning of the race or stopping overnight somewhere?  Not sure if I can help with lifts as a bit complicated for me at the mo!

  • Hellen,

    I have just remembered that he is in the process of making other plans so he will probably not be in Boston. He is trying to arrange flights to Gothenburg to take part in the event I am going to. If not successful then I guess he will be in Boston. 

    I hope a few more people find this thread to make it interesting ie not just you me and Minardi!

  • got the details today but doenst say where we are running, no details at all really just a map showing you how to get to the event!

    Pam, I was doing a bit of a search and see that last year you organised the Crawley 6/12 hour race.  Will you be doing it this year and if so when? If Easter Sat I might be interested as we are flying out of Gatwick Sunday morning so would be good to get in a long distance before 10 days of slobbing on the beach!!

  • looking forward to this, just packing my picnic for the race!!

     It now starts at 8am not 8.30am there are only 14 people so I am sure if you wanted to enter on the day you could but best phone first to check

  • I only managed to stay a little while Hellen but saw you come around a couple of times - looking good and strong - t'was me sat on the bench chatting to the guy with 2 dogs - it was very helpful that you had your name on your vest.  Hope you had a good run - might have got a bit warm for you but I hope you enjoyed yourself.
  • Were you the one with the turquiose t? Thanks for support!

    Really enjoyed that, did 33 miles and managed a consistent pace when running - had a few walk breaks- apart from last couple of miles which I did faster!!
  • Yep that was me - I wasn't intending to stop and clap whilst on my run otherwise I would have worn my fetch top! 

    33 miles - brilliant; well done image

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