Txx Courses to 405CX from Garmin Connect

Hi all

Any idea how to txx courses from the GC to the 405? I have pressed on Send to Device for the course and have gone to Receive on the 405 but it just says Connecting without going further.

Any advice welcome.


  • You shouldn't need to do anymore than that, all you should have to do is hit send to device in GTC and thats it, aslong as the watch is in range, the ANT software should pick the sent course up and send it to the watch.
  • Cheers Danowat - its getting a bit annoying that it isn't txx the data.

  • Reboot, unplug and replug the ANT stick in, try the normal stuff, I assume that the watch is transfering runs to the PC ok?
  • I'll give it a go - yes the ANT is receiving runs OK, just not vice versa.
  • Did you manage to sort the problem in the end? I recently bought a 405 and having exactly the same problem!
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